5 Easy steps To Find Your Wi-Fi Password In Windows 10

Find Wifi Password on Windows 10

Have you ever faced such an annoying situation when this WiFi password is surfing in your mind, but you can’t remember it? Or maybe your computer has connected automatically to the home WiFi, but you need it on some other device.

In either case, you will be looking for ways to get the password and start using the internet without any obstruction. However, you shouldn’t worry because I will tell you some simple ways to get a wifi password on windows 10

Just in case you don’t want to read the whole article, then I will give you a quick summary. This summary will provide you with a rough idea of the situation. After that, you can proceed further to learn these steps in detail.

Finding wifi password on windows 10

  1. Resetting the router
  2. From windows setting
  3. From control panel
  4. Through cmd or PowerShell
  5. Using third-party software

Some Basic Things You Need to Know

This isn’t an immediate step, but I want you to know that there are many ways to generate your password. Some people use complex coding and make dictionaries that can create passwords.

However, these methods are called brute-forcing, and they are becoming less and less effective with time. People are getting smarter with time, and they are using different random characters in their passwords.

This makes the password cracking a bit difficult, and you may not be able to open it with the help of a dictionary and brute-forcing.

How to Find Wifi Password on Windows 10?

Here are some of the most effective ways to find a wifi password on windows 10. Don’t worry; these methods do not involve any complex coding, which means everyone can apply them. So let’s start quickly finding the password.

Table of Contents

Searching at the Back of Your Router

Almost all service provides a print stock version of username and password at the back of their routers. Apart from that, even if you are using a third-party router like a TP-link or Asus, there might be a key at the backside.

Now two possibilities can help you find your wifi password in windows 10 if you are using the stock key for your wifi, which is a very rare case because we all change it asap. But you shouldn’t worry at all because you have the option to reset your router.

Once you reset it, the device will lose its configurations and reset to the factory settings. As it returns to its factory settings, you can use the stock password without any issue at all.

However, some of you may not like this method because some people aren’t comfortable resetting their devices.

View You Password from Control Panel

You can find your wifi password right from your control panel on windows. To see it, please follow the given steps below.

  • Press Win + R key and Open Run.
  • Type “ncpa.cpl” in Run and hit Enter.
  • ncpa.cpl

  • This will open a new window with a Network control panel.
  • Right-click on a “Wi-Fi Network
  • Right Click on Wifii Network

  • Select “Status” & a new window will popup.
  • Click on Status of Wifi Network

  • Now Click on “Wireless Properties”.
  • Wifi Status of Wireless Properties

  • Switch to Security Tab, Check the “Show characters” box, and it will reveal the password.
  • Network Security Key

    Once you have executed all the steps successfully, you will have your password. However, this isn’t the end of the road. I have some other methods that can help you get your password. Let’s move on to the next step now.

    You can View Password from Windows Setting

    The next method is finding the password right from the windows settings. Since you are the administrator of your computer, therefore, you will have access to different things.

    This way, you can get the password directly from the settings. Here is a step-by-step method to view passwords from the windows settings.

  • Open Settings from the Windows Start Menu
  • Windows Settings

  • Once it opens up, go to “Network & internet” section.
  • Windows Network & internet

  • Select Status on right side, Select “Network and Sharing Center”.
  • Network and Sharing Center

  • Click on your “Wi-Fi Name” and view your active networks and section. Make sure your WiFi need to connect.
  • Press on Wifi Name

  • As the Next window appears, click on the “Wireless Properties” option.
  • Wifi Status of Wireless Properties

  • It will open a new window where you will have two tabs. Switch to “Security” and Check the “Network security key” box.
  • Network Security Key

  • Once the box is checked, it will show you the password
  • Let’s Use Power Shell Command to Find It

    Another method for finding the wifi password on windows 10 is by using Powershell. Wait a minute! I know you don’t know how to code. I am also aware of the situation that PowerShell is a bit advanced method but don’t worry.

    When it comes to PowerShell, you can use the Netsh command to view details about your network. However, this method won’t be any help if you have forgotten your password on the device.

    This simply means that you will be able to retrieve the password from the cache. Now enough with the talking; let’s see how you can get a password through Netsh in PowerShell. The good thing here is, you can use these same commands in the windows command prompt just in case you don’t like Powershell. In each case, the result will be the same.

  • Access the PowerShell window from the Start menu by right-clicking on it.
  • PowerShell window

  • Input this command netsh wlan show profiles and press the enter key.
  • netsh wlan show profiles

  • Once you put this command, it will show you all WiFi network names which was connected before. Use the one that you want to find the password.
  • Next, use this command netsh wlan show profile "name=wifiname" key=clear. Make sure to replace the Wifi name with the selected WiFi network names (SSID) whcih you wnat to see password.
  • netsh wlan show profile name=wifiname key=clear

  • For Example in my case, I use this netsh wlan show profile "name=TP-Link_0738" key=clear
  • netsh wlan show profile name=TP-Link_0738 key=clear

    As soon as you press the enter key, the shell will log some useful info about the network. You can find password in the Security settings area in front of the “Key content”.

    Using Router’s Web Interface Control

    The next and the last method to find the wifi password on windows 10 involves Router’s web interface. This is probably the safest method for knowing your password without any issue at all, but mostly the time you will find wifi password with the first 3 methods.

    However, you should make sure that the admin username and password are not changed. Otherwise, you won’t be able to log into your router’s interface at all. In addition to this, you need to keep in mind that every router has a different IP address.

    Therefore there is not an exact and universal method to do that. If you want to check your router’s password, you will need to log into the interface using your router’s specific IP generally printed at the back of the router. After getting inside you can easily find it under Wireless section.

    TP lInk Password Finding

    If by any chance it isn’t there, then you can see it from the router’s box or ask your internet service provider

    Using a Third-Party Software for the Job

    Another method for finding the wifi password on a Windows device is by using third-party software. There are probably hundreds of software available on the market that you can get to do the job for you.

    However, I would suggest you be very careful while using any third-party app or software for the job. If it is a paid version, please purchase the app and use it once you have a legal license. If you don’t legally buy the app, there is a higher risk of losing your data.

    A lot of websites have now injected viruses into their cracked software. Some of them contain ransomware, which can make things even scarier. It is why I am not in favor of those pirated software packages.

    However, if you are sure about it, then there are some good ones like WirelessKeyView from NirSoft. It is one of those trustworthy password finders for windows 10 that can help you in such situations.

    Video Guide of WirelessKeyView

    How to find WiFi passwords stored in Windows using Wireless Key View Software

    Useful Tips That May Help

    Here are some tips from my side that I personally use to handle all kinds of passwords on my devices. These tips will help you in saving all of your security codes. First of all, you need to install a free chrome extension called Last Pass.

    This extension will ask you to make an account that acts as mini cloud storage for your passwords. You can store all kinds of passwords in that applet or extension for your chrome. There is also an android app available for the Last Pass, which can help you sync your accounts and passwords.

    LastPass - Secure Password Manager & Vault App

    You can also use old-school methods like writing your password on a sticky note or something. It will help you remind your code, but that isn’t a very safe method because it can be compromised.

    Final Words

    It is difficult to remember your wifi password because we don’t use it that often. But sometimes you may need to because your cousin may want it or you may buy a new device. However, I understand this situation can be harrowing when the code is surfing in your mind, but you don’t want to come out.

    Luckily I have mentioned some methods that can help you get your wifi password without any issue. You can use these methods to find your internet security code and use it to live a worry-free life.