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Are you looking for a platform that you can refer to for all your tech queries? Then you’re at the right place!

TewakerZone is a website dedicated to tech enthusiasts – owned and maintained by techies who are as passionate about gadgets, applications, software, operating systems, and more!

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Our library is full of high-quality blogs that are loaded with information – about everything tech-related that you can think of! 

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Whether you’re an expert, a professional, a patron by hobby, or a technologically challenged user – you will find every help you need, right here at TewakerZone. 

We are here to help you understand the latest pieces of technology and use them to the best of their abilities. 

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From smartphones to laptops, from apps to websites, from software to OS – everything can slip into your grip when you have TewakerZone as your go-to platform for tips, guides, reviews, and more! 

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We are your friendly neighborhood tech website, offering tech solutions in a simple approach. In a way, we are the superhero to save your day when you’re struggling with technology! 

But Why Trust Us?

Simplicity – We provide detailed information and break down each step in a language that everyone can understand. 

Knowledgeable Team – Our author, Himadri Konar, is a 27-year old Photographer, Video Editor, and Software Engineer – with a childlike love for technology.  

Tried and Tested – Before providing reviews, guidelines, tips, etc., we make sure to try it ourselves first. All our content is based on first-hand experience. 

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