Best Tips: Repair Bow in Minecraft

Repair Bow in Minecraft

Minecraft is quite an addicting game, which I have been playing for quite several years now. The game is full of fun techniques that you can master with time.

How to Repair Bow in Minecraft?

Bow in Minecraft can be repaired using two methods. One of them involves using the Anvil while the other one is by using the crafting table. Put the bow and other items in the anvil and it will repair the bow.

Minecraft Bow
Minecraft Bow

Each of these techniques will allow you to repair your Minecraft bow and make it work like a new one. However, there is a lot more to learn when it comes to Minecraft bow repairing. If you are interested, then I suggest you keep on reading.

Can You Repair a Bow in Minecraft?

If you are a beginner, then you need to learn a lot of things in Minecraft. The game is full of adventures and surprises, and you will explore them as you play. One of the most common questions that almost every Minecraft player will have in mind is this.

Can you repair a bow in Minecraft? or other items repairable as well? I am sure you will probably think about this at least once. The answer is yes; you can repair Minecraft bow. However, you need to follow a specific method to repair it without any issue.

Luckily in this article, I have mentioned two different methods that will let you repair your items. By following the same technique, you can repair your Minecraft bow and other essential things.

Why do the bow breaks?

Yeah! I know it feels so annoying when your bow breaks in the middle of the game. You must be thinking, why do the bow breaks in Minecraft. However, you need to understand that’s how games work. Every item in Minecraft has a specific HP (hitpoint), and it goes down as much as you use the things.

When you use your bow excessively, it loses its stats. Eventually, the bow runs out of all health, and as a result, it breaks. You will need to repair it or craft a new one to make it work. Crafting and repairing are the two processes that I have explained in this article.

Don’t worry, I have got you completely covered, so feel free to explore different things.

What Kind of Bow Can You Repair in Minecraft?

Before we jump straight into the repairing part, you need to know a little bit more. Suppose you have been playing Minecraft for a while. You will see there are two types of bows. One of them is a Normal Bow that usually comes with regular abilities.

You can use it quite often in game for different purposes. The other one is called an Enchanted Bow. It is the one that comes with increased powers. It allows the players to get much better things than the regular ones because of their abilities.

Anyways you need to know that both of these bows can break with use. You will need to repair them to keep using them in the game. For your information, you can repair both Regular Bows and Enchanted Bows in Minecraft, which makes the game even more fun. How to do it? Well, that is what you are here for.

What Do I Need for Minecraft Bow Repair?

Before you start working on repairing your Minecraft bow you need to understand the basic requirements for bow repairing. Well, don’t worry as I am going to explain it in super-simple steps.

For this job, you need to have an Anvil in your inventory. Well, if you don’t have one, don’t worry. Minecraft is such an excellent game, just like I mentioned before. It allows you to craft things as well. Using this option, you can craft the Anvil first.

Crafting Anvil requires some ingredients or items to be more specific. First of all, you need to have at least 4 Iron Ingots. Apart from that, you will need 3 Iron squares in your stock box. As like the below image.

Minecraft Anvil Making
Minecraft Anvil Making

Using these things, you can put together a decent anvil in your inventory. This anvil will help you do other things as well.

What to Do When You Have Arranged the Anvil

When you have arranged the Anvil, you are halfway done repairing the Minecraft Bow. All you need to do is to follow the simple technique, and you will be okay. There are two ways to repair your Minecraft bow, just as I mentioned earlier. I am going to explain both of these are they are pretty simple and easy to follow.

Step 1- Minecraft Bow Repair Using Anvil:-

In order to repair your bow using the anvil here is a simple and step by step technique.

  • Open “Anvil” from the inventory.
Anvil opening
Anvil opening
  • Put the “Bow” in the First space of the Anvil
  • Use bow repairing material in the next slot
Bow Repairing on Anvil
Bow Repairing on Anvil
  • Let the magic go happen and wait for a while.
  • Get the repaired bow from the Anvil.

If you don’t want to use the anvil for Minecraft bow repair, then there is one more trick. This trick will help you for sure and allow you to repair your bow without any issue.

Step 2- Repairing Minecraft Bow Using Crafting Table:-

You can use your crafting table to get the job done in a much more efficient way. All you need to know is the right recipe for bow repairing. However, this technique may not be suitable for everyone. Why? Because the crafting table is basically for crafting items only.

Before proceeding to the Bow Repairing steps, let’s know how to create a Crafting Table? Open Inventory screen by pressing E & you must have Wood Block At Least 4. Now place wood blocks 2×2 on the crafting section. Right, Sidebox, you can see the Crafting table. Now save it. 

Making Crafting Table
Making Crafting Table

It is by no means for any repair purpose. We are going to play a trick here, which will get your bow repaired. However, there are some caveats to this method.

First of all, the crafting table requires two items of the same type. You need to place 2 Bows, and in return, it will give you a strengthened Bow. The resultant bow will have full stats, unlike the ones that you have placed.

Crafting Table
Crafting Table

The second caveat to this method is that it doesn’t work for Enchanted Bows at all. If you place an enchanted bow inside the table, it will make it an ordinary bow, totally an unwanted situation.

If you still want to follow this method then you can do it by following these steps.

  • Open your Crafting Table, according to your system option.
  • Place 2 Bows on the table side by side.
Bow Repairing on Crafting Table
Bow Repairing on Crafting Table
  • Wait for them to make a third and resultant Bow.
  • Take the bow and enjoy.

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When should I use the crafting table technique then?

Just as I mentioned earlier, the crafting table technique isn’t the main one. It would be best if you used it as your last resort. I highly recommend going for this method when you don’t have any ingredients for crafting the Anvil.

Using the crafting table only results in new items and it replaces the old ones.

Final Thoughts

Repairing a bow in Minecraft is quite a simple job, but some beginners may have difficulty doing so. I still remember when I first started this game; I didn’t know anything about it. I used to check different websites such as GameSpot, IGN, and stuff to learn how things work. Using the crafting table only results in new items, and it replaces the old ones.

I have written this article to help all those looking for ways to repair Minecraft bows. With that said, this sums up my tutorial for today, and if you have any questions or queries, feel free to let me know in the comments section below.

Apart from that, if you want me to add anything else to this article, I warmly welcome suggestions.