Everything You Need To Know About The Minecraft Clay Diamond Trick

Minecraft Clay Diamond Trick

Diamond is not just among the rarest elements in Minecraft, but it is also extremely difficult to mine. In most cases, you need to spend an enormous amount of time to mine just one diamond in the game. But now, you can easily find diamonds on your map with the Minecraft clay diamond trick.

You first need to mark the center of clay patches found in swamp and river biomes, primarily underwater. Now, place six blocks in the southward direction from the center and start digging downward from the seventh block onwards to get the gemstone in the diamond layer.

You will have an 88% chance of getting diamonds by performing these steps. However, there are other ways to get diamonds in Minecraft as well. But, before we reveal all the secrets of these tricks, let’s know about the characteristics and usage of diamonds in Minecraft.

What Are The Usage Of Diamonds In Minecraft?

Before you know about the famous clay diamond tricks in Minecraft, you must know the proper use of this precious gemstone in the game. Diamond is not just rare in the game, but it is among the very few gemstones that can make any tool or weapon immensely powerful.

Usage Of Diamonds In Minecraft

However, you need more than one diamond to make any weapon or tool powerful, although the chances are very less to get multiple diamonds at once. So, it is better to enchant your axe with the fortune enchantment first so that you can get multiple diamonds at once while mining.

And there are several things you can make with the help of diamonds in Minecraft that are as follows.

  • Diamond Armor
  • Diamon Tools (Axe, Shovel, and more)
  • Diamond Weapons (Sword, Pickaxe, Hoe, and more)
  • Diamond Enchanted Tables
  • Fireworks
  • Jukebox

Besides these tools and weapons, you also need diamonds to craft Netherite tools and weapons in the game. So, it is better to keep some diamonds handy in your inventory.

You can make one of the most powerful armors with diamonds in the game. But you do need an armor stand to keep the armor in the right shape and condition. If you don’t know how to make one easily, follow our comprehensive guide on how to make an armor stand in Minecraft.

What Are The Things Necessary To Find Diamonds In Minecraft?

You can’t extract diamonds barehanded! And before you know how to find diamonds in Minecraft, you must know about the items necessary to start diamond mining in Minecraft. Typically, you need just four items to start your hunt for diamonds in the game, which are as follows.

  • Iron Pickaxe: If you try to mine diamonds with wood or stone axes, the diamond block will instantly break, and you won’t get any gemstone from that block. You can only mine diamonds with an iron pickaxe. However, you can also use more powerful axes, such as a gold pickaxe or a Netherite pickaxe.
Iron Pickaxe
  • Torches: You must keep your mining sport well-lighted as you dig deeper in your biomes. If you can keep multiple torches on the spot, you can effectively eliminate the chance of random mob spawning. You can easily make a torch in your mining spot by placing coal on top of a wooden stick.
Torch usages In Minecraft
  • Weapon: You must carry a good sword and armor while you go on a hunt to get diamonds in Minecraft. Those items will be handy if you witness any sudden attack from dead or undead mobs. So, it is better to check the durability of the weapons you are going to carry beforehand.
  • Food: Mining in this game can take a lot of time. So, you need to be prepared for the whole mining stint. Otherwise, you need to make frequent visits to your base to have food. And that can waste a lot of time. So, you must carry some extra food with you.
Minecraft Foods

You should also make a trapdoor near your mining spot to keep any trespassers, such as mobs, zombies, and wild animals, stay away. But, if you don’t know how to make one correctly, follow our step-by-step guide on how to make a trapdoor in Minecraft, both Java and Bedrock editions.

Where To Find Clay Patches In Minecraft?

If you are looking for the fastest ways to get clay diamonds, you must know about the right ways to identify the places where you will have a better success rate for mining diamonds. First, you need to find the clay patches, typically in a swamp biome. And you can easily find these clay patches as these blocks have a distinct light-gray color.

Where To Find Clay Patches In Minecraft

You can also find circular light-grey clay patches underwater in the swamp biome. Besides, you may also find these patches in river biomes, although chances are very rare. You can either manually search for these clay patches or can use the commands to identify one. However, you need to enable the cheat mode to make the commands work.

If you are playing in a map where cheat mode is already enabled, you can simply trace the swamp biome in your map by entering the “/locate biome minecraft:swamp” command. It will instantly show you the coordinates of your nearest swamp biome. You can then press the F3 button to check the borders of the swamp biome and start mining for diamonds at the right spot.

Where To Dig For Diamonds In Clay Patches In Minecraft?

As you must have already understood, the Minecraft clay diamond trick will only work in those places where you can find light-grey clay patches. And you can follow the steps mentioned below to identify the right spot for diamond mining to ensure the highest success rate.

Step 1: Find Clay Patches In Swamp Biomes

Find Clay Patches In Swamp Biomes

You need to first identify all the large water bodies, swamps, and rivers on your map. And then, you need to check each one of them manually to find clay patches. In swamp or river biomes, you can even get these clay patches underwater.

Step 2: Locate A Clay Patch And Mark Its Center

Locate A Clay Patch And Mark Its Centre

Once you find any spot with clay patches, you need to mark the center of that place to start mining. And to do that, you need to have a shovel with you. You can simply remove the center block with your shovel from those clay patches to mark the center.

Step 3: Alight With The Mining Spot

Alight With The Mining Spot to find diamonds

After marking the center of your mining spot, you need to press the “F3 + G” buttons together to fetch the visible chunk borders in that area. Once the borders are visible, go to the clay patches and alight yourself with the center block while facing perfectly south. You should execute this step with the utmost care, as the correct alignment is necessary to make this trick work.

Step 4: Locate The Mining Spot

Locate The Mining Spot to dig diamonds

You need to start putting six blocks in the southward direction from the center you have just marked in your mining spot. Once you place all the six blocks from the center, you need to dig straight downwards from the seventh block.

Step 5: Mine Diamonds

Mine Diamonds In Clay Patches In Minecraft

Dig from the seventh block and keep digging until you reach the diamond layer. And if you can identify the right place with clay patches, there are 88% chance that you’ll get diamonds from that spot. If you don’t get diamonds there, you need to then dig the center of the clay patches that you have already marked. As each seed in this game is different, your chance of getting a diamond can be altered.

What Is The Lapis Lazuli Diamond Trick In Minecraft?

You may not know, but you can even get diamonds when you mine for lapis lazuli in Minecraft. But first, you need to identify the chunk borders in the mining spot by pressing the “F3 + G” buttons together. After fetching the chunk borders in the lapis veins, you need to head north from the center for four blocks and start digging downwards.

The Lapis Lazuli Diamond Trick In Minecraft

If you cross the chunk borders while digging for diamonds in the lapis veins, you need to switch the sides. And if you can execute these steps the right way, a diamond block will generate on the opposite side of the chunk border.

You need to understand that Minecraft runs on a very complicated algorithm where elements can have direct effects on different elements. So, by doing these steps the right way, you can force the algorithm to form diamond blocks in the spot where you have started mining.

What Are The Alternative Ways To Mine Diamonds In Minecraft?

You must have already understood how to do the clay diamond trick in Minecraft. However, there are two most effective alternative ways to find diamonds in Minecraft, which are as follows.

Using seeds: You can use seeds or custom codes to have multiple diamonds on the map. However, you need to use the seeds before starting a new world. You can easily find diamond seeds on the internet, as many forums are there. 

Mine Diamonds Using seeds

Once you enable the seeds, you can then use the coordinates to start diamond mining. You will also have the coordinates of the diamond loots, chests, and diamond ores by using seeds and coordinates.

Strip Mining: In this process, you need to keep mining in a straight line until you get to the diamond core. However, you need to mine in the same direction. Just start digging a tunnel and reach the bottom layer. If you don’t find any diamonds, you need to then leave a gap of two blocks and then again start digging downwards.

Mine Diamonds Using strip Mining

It is better to mark a spot to start your mining hunt. And then, you can follow a straight line and start strip mining. But you need to reach the level between 11 and 15 at the bottom, as diamond cores are generally on that layer.

When doesn’t the clay diamond trick work in Minecraft?

Although the clay diamond trick is supposed to work in most cases, there is no guarantee that you’ll find diamonds with this trick. And there are four possibilities of not getting any diamond even after following the steps, which are as follows.

  • The clay diamond trick will not work if you are using Java version 1.13 or older.
  • This trick will also not work in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition.
  • You will have up to 88% chance of getting diamonds with this trick, although there is no 100% assurance.
  • If you can’t find diamonds in the first two-three clay patches, the highest chance is that the trick will not work on that particular map.

If you can’t find any diamond on your map even after performing this trick, don’t lose hope, as you don’t need diamond tools always to win a game. So, it is better not to waste time if you can’t get diamonds in your first three attempts.

How to find diamonds without mining in Minecraft?

The Minecraft clay diamond trick is impressive, no doubt about it! But there are several other methods as well by which you can easily mine diamonds in Minecraft. You can get diamonds from treasure chests in your village, although the chance is minuscule. Besides, you can also look for diamonds in desert temples.

You can find several ancient temples in a desert biome. All you need is to hunt for diamonds on the chests kept under those temples. Besides, mineshafts may also have diamonds in the treasure chests. You can also get diamonds from the treasure chests buried on the beaches. Moreover, you can also find diamonds in underwater shipwrecks.


Q. Is there a trick to getting diamonds in Minecraft?

The clay diamond method is the most effective trick to get diamonds in Minecraft. You first need to mark the center of clay patches typically found in swamps and rivers. And then, you need to put six empty blocks in the southward direction and start digging below from the seventh block to get diamonds.

Q. What is the easiest way to find diamonds in Minecraft?

If you are using Minecraft version 1.19 or newer, you need to first dig deep until you reach the -57 level. And then, you need to start digging a two-block wide tunnel in any direction. Keep digging until you reach the diamond layer. If you can’t find any diamond there, just leave a two-block gap and start digging a tunnel again.

Q. Do diamonds spawn under clay?

There is an 88% chance that diamonds will spawn close to clay patches, especially in the river or swamp biomes. So, once you locate any clay patch, just mark the center, leave six blocks in the southward direction, and then start digging till level -15 to get diamonds.

Q. What biome has the most diamonds in Minecraft?

Deserts and savannas are two biomes where you’ll have the highest chance of getting diamonds in Minecraft. However, you can also find it in mesas biomes. Besides, you can also get diamonds in the river and swamp biomes in the game.


Diamonds are necessary to make any weapon or tool powerful in Minecraft. But, you must have already understood that getting diamonds is extremely challenging in this game. So, you should execute this trick whenever possible to have up to an 88% chance of getting diamonds while mining.

So, these are all that you need to know about this Minecraft clay diamond trick. But, if you think we have missed any crucial aspect of this trick, or if you know about any other trick to find diamonds in Minecraft, don’t forget to drop your suggestion and feedback in the comment box.