How To Repair Netherite Tools In Minecraft? The Complete Guide

Repair Netherite Tools In Minecraft

Netherite is the rarest metal in Minecraft, no doubt about it! It is not just extremely difficult to get, but it is also very difficult to repair any tool or weapon made with this element. But if you want to become a pro, you must know how to repair Netherite tools in Minecraft.

There are three ways to repair any Netherite tools. First, you can combine two Netherite tools to make one tool with full durability points. Secondly, you can use your anvil or grindstone to repair it. And thirdly, you can also cast the mending enchantment on the Netherite tools to repair them.

However, repairing any Netherite tool or weapon in Minecraft needs various elements and techniques. Otherwise, you may disenchant your tool. But, before we dive deep into the realm of Netherite, let’s understand the unique characteristics of this element first.

Unique Properties Of Netherite Tools In Minecraft

Unique Properties Of Netherite Tools In Minecraft

Before we start with this Netherite tools repairing guide, you must have a clear idea about the unique characteristics of the Netherite element and the tools made with it. And once you know that, you can use the element to your advantage in the game. Typically, there are four distinct characteristics of Netherite that are as follows.

  • Tools and weapons made with the Netherite element are blast-proof.
  • You can only destroy a Netherite tool with the full-blown blast of the blue wither skulls.
  • Netherite tools and weapons are resistant to lava. Besides, it will float in lava and will not burn.
  • Netherite has a durability point of 2031, which is 470 more than diamond tools.

Besides using a Netherite weapon to destroy a mob raid, you can also build a trapdoor. If you don’t know how to do it the right way, follow our detailed guide on how to make a trapdoor in Minecraft in both the Java and Bedrock editions.

Items Required to Repair Netherite Tools

Netherite element is extremely difficult to get so does the Netherite tools. However, it is even difficult to repair them in Minecraft. And you need seven items to repair any Netherite weapon or tool that are as follows.

  • Netherite Scrap: You can only get it by smelting some ancient debris in your furnace. And you can only collect ancient debris from extremely rare blocks in the Nether world.
Netherite Scrap
  • Blast Furnace: A regular furnace will take more time to smelt ancient debris. So, having a blast furnace handy in your inventory will accelerate your smelting speed.
Blast Furnace
  • Gold Ingots: These ingots are rare, although they are necessary to fix Netherite tools and armor. You need four gold ingots with four ancient debris to craft just a single Netherite ingot.
Gold Ingots
  • Diamond Tools: You can only transform diamond tools into Netherite tools with the help of Netherite ingots. No other kinds of elements in any tool or weapon will not do.
Diamond Tools
  • Anvil: You can only repair Netherite tools with an anvil if you don’t want to disenchant them. Using other tools will instantly remove the enchantments from your diamond or Netherite tools. However, you can easily make one by using four iron ingots and three iron blocks.
Minecraft Anvil
  • Grindstone: You can also use a grindstone as an alternative to an anvil to repair Netherite tools in Minecraft. And it will not even deduct any EXP when you repair any tool. You can easily make one by using one stone slab, two wooden sticks, and two wooden blocks.
  • Smithing Table: You need a smithing table to transform any diamond tool into a Netherite tool. It can be easily crafted by using four blocks of wood and two iron ingots. And you can’t use any other table to repair Netherite tools.
Smithing Table

It is always better to craft a blast furnace and a smithing table beforehand if you are willing to use Netherite tools and weapons in the game. Otherwise, it will be really tough to repair those weapons when you need them the most.

How To Repair Netherite Tools?

Once you have a proper idea about the items needed, we can now proceed with the complete guide on how to repair Netherite tools. Typically, there are three main methods to repair Netherite tools and weapons in the game that are as follows.

Method 1 – Combining Two Netherite Tools

It is extremely difficult to get Netherite elements in Minecraft. However, you can easily repair one by combining two Netherite tools or weapons having the same properties. If you want to repair a Netherite pickaxe, you need another Netherite pickaxe to merge it into one. So, every time you get Netherite element, you must craft similar tools and weapons and keep those in your inventory.

Combining Two Netherite Tools

You need to have at least two similar items in your inventory to repair Netherite tools. However, it is better to use two Netherite tools separately unless the combined durability percentage is below 95%. And if you combine those two tools and weapons, it will create a single Netherite tool with 100% durability, having a 5% repair bonus.

Method 2 – Repairing With Netherite ingot

You need four ancient debris and four gold ingots to craft a single Netherite ingot first. And to do that, you need to place 4 debris blocks in the upper and middle row of your crafting table and 4 gold ingots in the middle and lower blocks. This arrangement will leave the center block of the 3 x 3 grid of your crafting table.

Repairing With Netherite ingot

And once you arrange it in the correct order, you can see a Netherite ingot appearing in the right-side block. Now, place any diamond tool on your crafting table and put a Netherite ingot besides it to turn it into a Netherite tool. You can also use an anvil to combine two Netherite tools having low durability points. Besides, you can also use a grindstone, although it will disenchant the Netherite tools.

Method 3 – By Applying Mending Enchantment

Although it is not a straightforward method to repair any Netherite tool, it is actually a preventive measure where you can block the Netherite tools from losing their durability points. And you can easily do it by applying mending enchantment on your Netherite tools and weapons. However, you need to reach at least level 30 before you can access the mending enchantment.

Repair Netherrite tools Applying Mending Enchantment

Mending enchantment can be obtained by getting an enchanted book. And you can easily get it by trading it with a librarian. You can even get it while fishing or from a chest loot, although the chances are extremely rare. Besides, you also need to have some Lapis Lazuli in your inventory, as mending enchantment will need some of these stones to work.

How To Repair A Netherite Pickaxe In Minecraft?

We have already mentioned three different ways to repair Netherite stuff. However, you can repair a Netherite pickaxe quite easily in Minecraft. A pickaxe is one of the essential tools in the game, as you can mine almost anything with this tool, let it be ores, metals, or rocks. However, you need to use pickaxes made with specific elements to mine specific blocks in the game.

You can easily repair a Netherite pickaxe by using your anvil, and there are two ways to do it. And the best thing about an anvil is that you won’t disenchant the items while repairing them with an anvil. Besides, you can also combine two enchantments with the help of your anvil. However, it will cost some EXP points.

Repair A Netherite Pickaxe In Minecraft

The first way to repair any Netherite pickaxe is by combining it with another Netherite pickaxe. All you need is to place the broken Netherite pickaxe in the first block of your anvil and then place a similar pickaxe in the next block. If you place it right, the durability point of the second pickaxe will be automatically added to the broken Netherite pickaxe.

And in the second method, you can repair the Netherite pickaxe with specific elements. You need to first identify the elements missing from your broken Netherite pickaxe. And then, you need to place it in the first block of your anvil and then place the required element in the next block. Each block of the element will increase 25% of the total durability points.

And not just pickaxes; you also need to maintain your bows in good shape, especially if you are willing to use them as your primary weapon. But, if you don’t know how to do it the right way, follow our detailed guide on how to repair a bow in Minecraft in both the Java and Bedrock editions.

How To Increase The Durability Of Netherite Tools In Minecraft?

You must have already understood how to repair Netherite tools in Minecraft. But to ensure prolonged use, you need to know about the ways to increase the durability of these Netherite tools. Typically, a Netherite tool will have a durability point of 2032. However, there are two ways to increase that durability factor.

You can start by applying the unbreakable enchantment in your Netherite tools and weapons. Every power level of this enchantment will increase the durability point. However, if you can apply level-III unbreakable enchantment to any of your Netherite tools, it can increase the durability point up to four times. So, your Netherite will have 8128 durability points rather than just 2032.

Another way to increase the durability of any Netherite tool is by applying the mending enchantment. By using an experience orb, you can restore the durability points of Netherite tools by using this enchantment. And if you have already crossed level 30, you can apply both the unbreaking and mending enchantments to your Netherite tools to make them almost indestructible.

And if you have any Netherite armor in your inventory, it is also a good idea to use an armor stand to keep it in the ideal shape. But, if you don’t know how to craft one, follow our comprehensive guide on how to make an armor stand in Minecraft.


Q. Can Netherite tools break?

Netherite tools are almost indestructible. You can’t break a Netherite tool or weapon even with a strong explosion. It will not even break if you drop it in lava or fire. However, blue wither skulls are the only things that can destroy any Netherite tool. So, you need to keep it away from the skulls.

Q. Can Netherite tools be repaired?

Yes, you can definitely repair any tool or weapon made with Netherite elements. Anvil and grindstones are the two handy options that you can try. While an anvil will use your EXP to repair any Netherite tool or weapon, a grindstone will disenchantment the tool after repairing it. But it will not cost you any EXP.

Q. Can you mine Netherite with an iron pickaxe?

Although it sounds quite impossible, you can now even mine Netherite elements with a simple iron pickaxe in Minecraft after the recent update patch. You don’t need any Netherite or diamond pickaxe to mine the element. However, you can also use those two pickaxes as well to mine Netherite.

Q. How durable is a Netherite pickaxe?

The Netherite element itself is extremely durable. And if you craft any pickaxe with this element, it can increase the durability point up to 2032, which is 470 points more than the diamond pickaxe. And if you apply the unbreakable level-III enchantment, it will make your pickaxe have 8128 durability points.


Netherite is a rare element! So, you must make two similar items from each category of tools and weapons with Netherite ingots whenever you have them. And once you break any one of those, or if the durability point is almost over, you can use the other tool to repair this one. However, it is also better to cast the mending enchantment on your Netherite tools to make them almost indestructible.

So, these are all that you need to know if you have any doubt about how to repair Netherite tools. However, if you think we have missed any method to fix it, or if you know about any other effective method, don’t forget to drop your suggestions and feedback in the comment box below.