How to Make a Trapdoor in Minecraft? Detailed Guide

How to Make a Trapdoor in Minecraft

A trapdoor is one of many blocks in Minecraft that every player should have. The open/close mechanism of a trapdoor lets you use it as a hidden pathway for underground places. Furthermore, mobs cannot break a trapdoor, therefore, having a trapdoor in your inventory is important.

But, how to make a trapdoor in Minecraft is often something players wonder about. To make a trapdoor, you need four iron ingots or six wood planks (of any type). Adding the ingredients to the crafting menu will help you create a trapdoor.

In this post, you’ll get a detailed recipe to make a trapdoor in Minecraft. Also, I’ve highlighted what you can use a trapdoor for and more information about it.

Types of Trapdoors in Minecraft 

Types of Trapdoors in Minecraft

You can make two types of trapdoors in Minecraft, while each type serves a similar purpose. These include:

  • Wooden trapdoors (spruce, oak, crimson, acacia, jungle, and birch)
  • Iron trapdoors 

Trapdoors made using wood planks are called wooden trapdoors, whereas trap doors made using iron are known as iron trap doors.

One of the significant differences between both doors is the sturdiness. Players can easily open a wooden door by hand or by using any Redstone item, including a pressure plate or button. 

On the other hand, an iron trapdoor requires a Redstone to open it. If you want to stay secure from the mob, you should use an iron trapdoor, and for general use, you can rely on a wooden trapdoor. 

How to Make a Trapdoor in Minecraft: An Easy Recipe

This section covers everything about making a trapdoor in Minecraft. From the supported versions to commands to make a trapdoor, you’ll get all details.

What Minecraft Versions Support a Trapdoor

In order to make a trapdoor in Minecraft, you should play it on the supported platforms. As per Minecraft, the following versions let players make a trapdoor.

Edition Platforms Version Available 
Bedrock EditionNintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Windows 10 PC, Xbox One Yes
PlayStation EditionPS4 and PS3 Yes
Java EditionLinux PCs, Mac, and WindowsYes
Education EditionWindows 10 PCs, Mac, and iOS 12 or later Yes

⚠️ Disclaimer: The supported platforms and versions are subject to change, and I’ll ensure to update this table as well. Bookmark this page and keep checking it from time to time to ensure you are making a trapdoor on a supported Minecraft version.

Materials Required to Make a Trapdoor in Minecraft

Making a trapdoor in Minecraft is easy and doesn’t require a lot of materials. You can quickly craft a trapdoor using:

Materials Required to Make a Trapdoor in Minecraft
  • 6 x wood planks (any type)
  • 4 x iron ingots 

How to Make Wood Planks in Minecraft

If you don’t have enough wood planks in your Minecraft inventory, you might wonder how to make more planks. In order to get oak wood planks, you need one oak log. Add the oak log to the crafting menu, as shown in the image below, and you’ll get four planks.

How to Make Wood Planks in Minecraft

Since you need six planks, you need to place one more oak log and collect four planks. Move the planks to your Minecraft inventory and use them to make trapdoors. In addition, players can also give commands to make wood planks quickly.

Java/give @p planks 1 
Pocket Edition /give @p planks 1 0
PlayStation/give @p planks 1 0
Nintendo/give @p planks 1 0
Windows 10/give @p planks 1 0
Education Edition /give @p planks 1 0

How to Make Iron Ingots in Minecraft 

If you want to make a trapdoor using an iron ingot, you need at least four ingots. So gather nine iron nuggets and follow the brief recipe to make iron ingots. 

Place iron nuggets in the crafting menu as shown below:

How to Make Iron Ingots in Minecraft

Collect the iron ingot and move it to your inventory. You need to follow the same recipe four times to make four ingots. Or you can place one iron block in the first grid of the first row to make nine iron ingots.

Steps to Make a Wooden Trapdoor in Minecraft

A wooden trapdoor in Minecraft is very useful for accessing underground places. Moreover, they are easy to open, and players can also open them by hand. Below is a recipe to make a wooden trapdoor. 

I’ve explained the steps to make an oak trapdoor. Replace the oak wood with any other type, and you’ll get that specific trapdoor.

Step 1: Open the Crafting Table 

To craft a trapdoor, you need to open the crafting menu. You’ll see an empty table with nine grids, as shown in the image below:

Open the Crafting Table wooden trapdoor

Step 2: Add the Wood Planks 

Now add six wood planks to the crafting menu. Place “three planks” in the second row and three planks in the third row. Your crafting menu should look exactly the same as the image attached below: The name of the trapdoor will reflect on the crafting menu. As I’ve placed oak wood planks, it resulted in an oak trapdoor. 

Add Wood Planks To Making Wooden Trapdoor

Step 3: Move the Trapdoor to Your Inventory 

Move Wooden Trapdoor to Your Inventory

Now you can move the trapdoor to your Minecraft inventory and use it whenever required. Use different types of wood to make different trapdoors and move them to your inventory. Also, you can make an Armor stand, by following step by step.

Steps to Make an Iron Trapdoor in Minecraft

If you need an iron trapdoor, you’ll need four iron ingots. In this section, I’ve covered the steps to make an iron trapdoor in Minecraft.

How To Make A TRAPDOOR In Minecraft (And Use It)

Step 1: Open the Crafting Menu 

Open the Crafting Menu (Iron Trapdoor)

Open the crafting menu or table in Minecraft. The crafting menu should be empty so that you can place four iron ingots in it.

Step 2: Add the Ingredients to the Table 

Place “two iron ingots” in the two grids of the second row and two in the third row. Using four iron ingots will get you one iron trapdoor. You can use multiple ingots to make multiple doors and move them into your inventory.

Add the Ingredients for making Iron trapdoor

Step 3: Move the Trapdoor to the Inventory 

Move iron Trapdoor to the Inventory

Now you can move the trapdoor to your Minecraft inventory. If you have made wooden doors, place the iron doors around them so that you can use the right trapdoor when required.

Can You Find a Trapdoor in Minecraft?

Yes, you can easily find a trapdoor in Minecraft. Most types of wooden trap doors are found in shipwrecks specifically. You can find oak trapdoors in igloos, villages, and shipwrecks. Furthermore, spruce trap doors can be found around taiga villages.

Finding a trapdoor may take some time, as you need to explore several areas, so it would be great to make them. You can also use the trapdoor commands in Minecraft and craft these doors on the go. 

Minecraft Trapdoor Commands Every Player Should Know About

Apart from making a trapdoor in Minecraft by following the explained recipe, you can also give commands and make them. As there are different types of wooden or iron trapdoors available in Minecraft, thus, I’ve listed some commands to make each of them.

Commands Supported for Minecraft Java Edition 1.13 

Trapdoor Commands 
Oak Trapdoor /give @p oak_trapdoor 1
Jungle Trapdoor /give @p jungle_trapdoor 1
Acacia Trapdoor /give @p acacia_trapdoor 1
Spruce Trapdoor /give @p spruce_trapdoor 1
Dark Trapdoor /give @p dark_trapdoor 1
Iron Trapdoor /give @p iron_trapdoor 1

Commands Supported for Minecraft Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PE, and Education Edition

Trapdoor Commands 
Oak Trapdoor /give @p oak_trapdoor 1 0
Jungle Trapdoor /give @p jungle_trapdoor 1 0
Acacia Trapdoor /give @p acacia_trapdoor 1 0
Spruce Trapdoor /give @p spruce_trapdoor 1 0
Dark Trapdoor /give @p dark_trapdoor 1 0
Iron Trapdoor /give @p iron_trapdoor 1 0

How to Use a Trapdoor in Minecraft

Using a wooden or iron trapdoor is extremely easy, and players can place a trapdoor on any solid block to open or close it. Right-clicking the door will open/close it if you are playing it on Java Edition. Below I’ve listed some common uses of trapdoors every player should know about:

16 Things you can do with Trapdoors in Minecraft 1.17 | Survival |Minecraft Trapdoor Facts (2021)

1. Getting Down in the Underground Places  

Getting Down in the Underground Places

In order to enter a space, Minecraft players need an opening that should be at least two blocks tall. By using a trapdoor, players can fit into spaces smaller than two blocks.

Also, skilled Minecraft players can fit into small spaces using a trapdoor. Place one trapdoor next to the block you want to enter and wiggle into the structure.

2. To Control Hostile Mobs 

To Control Hostile Mobs

Iron trapdoors are very helpful when it comes to controlling hostile mobs. When placed correctly, a trapdoor will protect you from the spawning movements of the mob. Trapdoors are better than regular doors because they are more durable.

Zombies can easily break into a house with a normal door, and players can use trap doors to keep zombies away from the villagers.

3. To Prevent Suffocation 

One of the worst situations any Minecraft player can experience is suffocating in a block. Suffocation usually happens when you try to mine blocks affected by gravel and sand. Players with trap doors no longer have to worry about getting suffocated.

You can place a trapdoor and exit such places without using rare items from the Minecraft inventory.

4. Use it as a Dog Whistle

Use it as a Dog Whistle

Because a trap door opens and closes back and forth like any regular door in Minecraft. Creative players can use it to call pet wolves. This is really helpful if you play Minecraft in multiplayer worlds.

To make this hack work, place a trapdoor on a water source block and then sit a tamed wolf on it. Once you get away from the trapdoor, release a pulse or friend Redstone signal to open the trap door.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How do you make a trapdoor in Minecraft survival?

A: To make a trapdoor in Minecraft survival, you need to place six wood planks on the crafting table. Place these planks in the three grids of the first as well as the second row. You’ll get two trap doors that you can move to the inventory.

Q: Can you make an automatic trapdoor in Minecraft?

A: Yes, you can make an automatic trap door in Minecraft and use it as per your needs. Watch this video to learn how to make an automatic trapdoor in Minecraft.

Q: How do you make a trapdoor make you swim in Minecraft?

A: Just go near the entrance and interact with the trapdoor, this will make the Minecraft player crawl under the door. This way, you can make a door and make you swim in Minecraft.

Q: How do you connect Redstone to trap doors?

A: In order to make a trapdoor work, you need to make a distributor by making a vertical succession using trapdoors. Link the succession with a Redstone to make the trapdoor work.

Final Thoughts 

I hope this detailed recipe has helped you make a trapdoor in Minecraft. You can use six wood planks and four iron ingots to make the trapdoor quickly. Moreover, this article will help you in using the trapdoor perfectly to improve the gameplay.

Stay tuned with us for more interesting Minecraft recipes and tips to play the game better.