Does Sugarcane Grow Faster on Sand? Explained

Does Sugarcane Grow Faster on Sand

Farming sugarcane is easy, and Minecraft players prefer this crop to expand their farming horizons. All the sugarcane crop needs is a little bit of water and a piece of land. However, the crop takes time to grow, and it’s obvious to look for ways to grow it faster.

Well, no. The speed of growing the sugarcane on sand is the same as growing it on some other blocks. 

But there are a few things you can do to make the crop grow faster. In this article, you will find everything about growing sugarcane on the sand and the common uses of sugarcane in Minecraft.

Does Sugarcane Grow Faster on Sand? A Detailed Explanation 

is Sugarcane Grow Faster on Sand

A YouTuber grew the sugarcane crop on several blocks and recorded it to show if sugarcane really grows faster on the sand. The blocks he used were dirt, grass, and sand.

The outcome of the video is that the speed at which sugarcane grows on sand is almost the same as that of other blocks. There is a negligible difference, so you can consider growing the sugarcane crop on any block. 

The grass block grew the crop pretty quickly, while the dirt and sand blocks were a few milliseconds behind.

Does Sugar Cane Grow Faster on Sand?

How to Grow Sugarcane in Minecraft 

Growing sugarcane in Minecraft is easy but requires a lot of materials. Below I have explained the process of growing the sugarcane crop on different types of blocks. Also, you will find information about the blocks you need for it.

Blocks You Can Grow Sugarcane On 

In the Minecraft world, you can grow sugarcane on different types of blocks, including:

  • Dirt
  • Grass
  • Rooted dirt
  • Moss block
  • Mycelium 
  • Red sand
  • Coarse dirt

Sugarcane doesn’t need light to grow, therefore, you can place these blocks anywhere you want. 

Steps to Grow Sugarcane 

Follow the steps listed below, and you can easily farm sugarcane in the virtual world. 

Step 1: Find Sugar Cane 

You can find sugar cane spawning around water blocks. Also, you can find it easily in the desert biomes or the local swamps. After finding the sugar cane, punch it, and add it to your Minecraft inventory.

Step 2: Get Some Water

Sugarcane relies on water to grow, so you need to get it from the ocean or from a lake. Also, Minecraft players can make water themselves if there is no water source nearby.

Step 3: Plant the Sugarcane 

Next, plant the sugarcane adjacent to the water block, as shown in the image. The crop will take the nutrients it needs from water and the block, and you will see it growing. 

Plant Sugarcane in Minecraft

Step 4: Wait for Some Time 

After planting the sugarcane around a source of water, all you can do is wait. On average, sugarcane takes 12 minutes to grow fully. Meanwhile, you can wrap up some of your work or play a game while the sugarcane grows. 

Step 5: Harvest and Replant 

After the sugarcane has fully grown, you can harvest it. Go near the crop, punch it, and put it in your Minecraft inventory. I advise replanting at least half of the sugarcane you have harvested to grow more of it.

Top 5 Uses of Sugarcane in Minecraft 

Do you really need to grow sugarcane in Minecraft? What can the sugarcane crop be used for? There are five common uses of the sugarcane crop that Minecraft players should know about. 

#1. Trading 

You can trade sugarcane for emeralds. Novice-level librarians can offer one emerald against 24 papers. You can make four pieces of paper using four sugarcanes. 

Emerald is the primary currency used in the Minecraft villages, and you can use them to buy diamond gear, strong enchantment books, and more.

#2. Bone Meal 

You can convert sugarcane into bone meal, just like other plant-related items. All you need is a composter, and you can convert cane into bone meal and use it for several purposes. After getting the composter, right-click the sugarcane, and you can increase the composter level.

Players can also use sugarcane to create an automatic bone meal farm. However, I only suggest this to pro-players. 

#3. Books and Potions 

Sugarcane is one of the main ingredients for making potions of swiftness. Players need these potions for their survival and during PvP battles. 

One book can be made using three papers. Firstly, you need to convert sugarcane into paper and then use it to make books. You can sell these books to librarians for emeralds. 

#4. Sugar 

If you want to make cakes, spider eyes, and pumpkin pies, you need sugar. And to make sugar, you need sugarcane. The new updates of Minecraft also let you use sugar in a range of recipes. 

#5. Firework Rockets 

Firework Rockets in minecraft

To make firework rockets, you need gunpowder and one piece of paper. In order to make paper, you need sugarcane. First, use one sugarcane to make one piece of paper, and put the paper with gunpowder on your crafting table to make fireworks.

What Light Level Does Sugarcane Need to Grow?

The best part about growing sugarcane is that you don’t need light for it. The level of light required to farm sugarcane is zero, and all you need is a bock and some water. 

Does sugar cane grow in the sand in real life?

Growing sugarcane requires a mix of silt, sand, and clay particles with a measure of organic material. Sugarcane can’t be grown only in sand, but you can grow it in a sand block in Minecraft.


Do torches make sugarcane grow faster?

A: Since sugarcane does not need light to grow faster, using a torch is not a good idea. 

How long does it take for sugarcane to grow to 3 blocks?

A: The average time sugarcane takes to grow to three blocks is 18 minutes. However, the time taken by the sugarcane to grow depends on the Minecraft edition you are playing. 

Can you grow sugar cane on gravel?

A: No, you can only grow sugarcane on sand, grass, podzol, and dirt blocks. Also, planting the sugarcane near a source of water is important for its growth.

Can you speed up sugarcane growth?

A: Speeding up the sugarcane growth is possible, but planting it on the sand block does not help in any way. 

Final Thoughts 

Growing sugarcane is important, as you can use it for different purposes which other crops cannot serve. I hope this article has helped you understand the fundamentals of growing sugarcane and if it grows faster on sand or not.

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