What Happens If You Leave Trees Floating In Minecraft? The Detailed Guide

What Happens If You Leave Trees Floating In Minecraft

We often see floating trees in Minecraft, especially in a jungle biome. Besides, a sapling can also float all of a sudden when it becomes a full-sized tree. But do you know what happens if you leave trees floating in Minecraft?

If you leave any floating tree in Minecraft, it will automatically become a tree ghast after three in-game days. These trees ghast appear similar to the general ghast, although they have the distinct texture of the trees that they grew from.

You can also collect several drops and items from these trees. Besides, you can also plant saplings to make them grow into full-sized trees in the game. However, these are not all! But first, let’s understand what trees are in Minecraft and what types of trees you can generally find in this game.

What Are Trees In Minecraft?

Trees In Minecraft

Like in the natural world, you can also find grass fields, shrubs, and even jungles in Minecraft. And trees are an essential part of it. Not just for resources, trees are useful in many ways in the game. There are several varieties of trees that can be found in Minecraft that varies in size, shape, and features. From just a 1-block high bush to a 30-block tall jungle tree, you can find almost every variant.

The most precious thing that you can get from trees in the game is logs. Most of the large trees, such as jungle oak and dark oak, have branches. These trees have between 1 and six branches. And from each of these branches, you can collect up to 6 logs, depending on their size. So, a large oak tree can give you up to 36 logs in a single time. However, you can’t collect multiple logs from birch or spruce, as they don’t have any branches.

Tree types in Minecraft

Minecraft floating trees are pretty common, and so do the tree canopies. Canopies are just leaf block that always stands one block higher than the highest log block. A cluster of these canopies can spread up to 7 blocks. However, they don’t generally grow above 6 blocks. You can collect these leaves to light up. But you can now even do it with a candle. If you don’t know how to make one, follow our detailed guide to make candles in Minecraft.

What Happens If You Leave Trees Floating In Minecraft?

What Happens If You Leave Trees Floating In Minecraft

If a tree automatically starts floating in Minecraft, it will leave its canopies and leaves in the original place and float with just trunks and branches. However, the game considers leaves as an integral part of a tree. So, it will instantly delete the floating tree and the leaf block from the map. But, if you want to know how to make a floating tree in Minecraft, you just need to place an unmovable block underneath a floating tree.

In the recent java and bedrock version of Minecraft, a tree grown from a sapling will automatically start floating in the air if you don’t put a block of dirt or wood on top of it. Actually, trees are made of blocks that are compressed by the surrounding air. But, if that tree grows too large, the air pressure can’t hold all the tree blocks together.

If you accidentally touch underneath a tree when it is floating, it will instantly fall down on your, taking you to the Nether. When you are on the ground, you can just click the left mouse button to grab the tree block and then move it slowly.

What Will Happen If You Keep The Floating Trees On Your Map?

What Will Happen If You Keep The Floating Trees On Your Map

First of all, floating trees here and there on your map will definitely disturb the visual aesthetic of the game. However, it also has some consequences. If you leave a tree floating for at least 3 in-game days, it will become a tree ghast in Minecraft. It will look similar to a general ghast but has a tree-like texture in it. These tree ghast also have tentacled vines.

These tree ghast will keep on floating around your map and will leave saplings on its trail. If you want to reach a floating tree in non-combative mode, there is a clever method you can try. A floating tree will instantly make any sapling grow in no time. So, if you step on them, you’ll start flying with the push. However, this can be pretty dangerous for beginners.

There are only two ways to destroy a floating tree in Minecraft. You can either cut it with an axe or can burn it with fire. And when destroyed, these floating trees will drop a single log along with saplings. However, you shouldn’t keep a group of floating trees anywhere on your map. Otherwise, these trees will make floating island mid-air.

What Types Of Trees Can You Commonly Find In Minecraft?

From giant mushrooms to huge-sized oak trees, you can find several different variants of trees in the game. But, in this floating tree guide in Minecraft, we will discuss only the common trees. And there are five main variants of trees available in the game.


Oak tree in minecraft

Needless to say, oak is the most common tree that you can find in Minecraft. Oaks have the smallest space requirement to grow. And every time you cut a leaf block, the oak tree will drop an apple. You can plant a slightly larger variant of oak, even in swamps. These trees have distinct shapes and features.

You will see vines in this variant of the oak tree that generally grows in shallow water. Besides, you may also sometime find larger oak trees that have branches. But, the tiniest variety of oak you can find in this game is balloon oak, which needs just a single block.

Dark Oak

Dark Oak tree in minecraft

Many people have witnessed that a dark oak tree starts floating on their map, and they don’t know what happens if you leave trees floating in Minecraft. If you are playing in a dark forest biome, you can come across these dark oak trees that have a distinct appearance. They are also known for their irregular logs.

These trees generate dart blocks under their central trunk. However, a canopy of these dark oak trees can block the sunlight, making the whole area darker than the rest of the map. And these dark sports are ideal spawning spaces for mobs and pillagers. You can also make a campfire with these leaves. If you don’t know the right way to do it, follow our comprehensive guide to make a campfire in Minecraft.


Spruce in minecraft

If you play in the taiga biome, you can witness several spruce trees on the map. From snowy taiga to snowy plains, from windy forest to old taiga biome, you can find these spruces almost everywhere. These trees have quite the same texture as oak trees, but they are darker in the shade.

It has quite a similar requirement and growth pattern as birches. However, these two variants are completely different in size and shape. Spruce canopies are way denser than regular tree canopies. And they have a darker tone with a bushy feature.


Birch tree in minecraft

Birch trees are most commonly found in birch forest biomes. They look exactly like a small oak tree, although they have distinct characteristics and drops. These trees are also easier to grow, and you can easily make them by planting a birch sapling.

However, there is a rare variant of birch also available in the forest biome that is taller than general birches. They are also a bit darker in color and will give you more logs than general birches.


Azalea tree in minecraft

You can easily spot an azalea tree in an empty space above a cave. The roots of these trees are made of dirt. Besides, these trees also have hanging roots that often enter the cave. If there is enough space inside the cave, an azalea tree can still grow inside it, although they mostly appear on the surface.

You can collect oak logs from the trunk of an azalea tree. Besides, they also have two distinct types of canopies in them. And they are also easy to grow. You can grow any flowering azalea block or azalea sapling by giving it enough bone meal. 

Do Trees Decay Faster If You Leave Them Floating In Minecraft?

Do Trees Decay Faster If You Leave Them Floating In Minecraft

Floating trees will make tree ghast if you don’t know what happens if you leave trees floating in Minecraft. However, many people have also asked if they will decay faster or not. Generally speaking, the decaying speed of any item in Minecraft is extremely slow. And a tree will take almost an eternity to decay fully.

However, you can speed up the decaying speed by changing the overall ticking speed of the game. If you execute the “/gamerule randomTickSpeed 1000” command, it will speed up the time in the game. As the time itself passes faster, the trees will also decay faster. Besides the trees and trunks, a block of leave will also decay faster if you increase the ticking speed.

Do Trees Regrow In Minecraft?

Do Trees Regrow In Minecraft

You must have already got the answer if you have doubt about what happens if you leave trees floating in Minecraft. However, it is also important to know if they can regrow or not so that you can collect additional logs from those trees. But sadly, logs and leaves that you removed from a tree will never grow back.

However, you can definitely plant a sapling and make it grow into a large tree. You need to collect saplings and then place them on a block of grass or mycelium. When the sapling starts to grow, these grass or mycelium blocks will instantly convert to dirt blocks from where the tree can collect its food. However, you can also give it bonemeal to make it grow faster.

But for fruit trees, such as apples or melons, you need to first craft the seed from ripe fruit. And then you need to plant it inside the ground, although it doesn’t need any additional water. However, you need to use your shovel and cover up the entire spot to let your apple or melon seeds grow into full-size trees. In the recent edition of Minecraft, you can also get these trees in general biomes.


Q. Do trees fall in Minecraft?

If you touch the bottom of a floating tree, it will instantly fall. And if it falls on you, it will directly take you to the Nether. However, you can also find already fallen trees on a map as they were introduced in the 0.9 update patch. These fall trees will look as if they were cut down.

Q. How do I get rid of trees in Minecraft?

First of all, you can cut the trees to destroy them and to collect logs from them. If you cut it down, the leaf blocks will automatically disappear. However, if you want to make trees naturally decay, you need to accelerate the ticking speed in the game by performing the “/gamerule randomTickSpeed 1000” command.

Q. Can Glowstone grow trees?

Yes, Glowstones will boost the growth of any sapling, let it be an oak or birch. However, you need to place it correctly to aid the growing process. Just place the Glowstone one block higher where you have planted a sapling. And you also need to feed it bonemeal to make it grow even faster.

Q. What is the biggest tree in Minecraft?

Yellow Meranti is the biggest tree that you can find on Minecraft. And these trees are occasionally found in a forest biome. In the natural world, these trees can grow up to a height of 89.5 meters. And these trees are typically found in the Basin Conservation Area in Malaysia.


It is not recommended to keep a floating tree on your map, as it will become a tree ghast after three in-game days. And these tree ghast act like general ghasts and have tentacle vines. However, you can also make any general tree float and use it as a tool to take you to the Nether.

We hope we have cleared all your doubt if you want to know what happens if you leave trees floating in Minecraft. But, if you think we have missed any crucial aspect, or if you have something interesting to tell about the trees, don’t forget to leave your suggestions and feedback in the comment box.