How to Make Candles in Minecraft | A Detailed Recipe

How to Make Candles in Minecraft

The new Minecraft Cliff and Caves update brought candles that players can use as a source of light. Yes, a candle may serve a similar purpose as a torch, but in my opinion, a candle is inherently superior, and every player should have multiple candles in their Minecraft inventory.

The update was rolled out in early 2021, still, most players aren’t aware of how to make candles in Minecraft. To craft a candle, you need one honeycomb and one string. Place the string in the second grid of the first row and the honeycomb in the second grid of the second row. You’ll get a candle.

In this detailed post, you’ll learn everything about making candles in Minecraft, from how to use candles to quick tips on dying them. So read on, follow what’s explained in this article, and up your Minecraft gameplay.

How to Make Candle in Minecraft: A step-by-step Recipe

How to Make Candle in Minecraft

Making a candle is easy and does not require a lot of ingredients. However, finding the ingredients required for it can be a pain. 

In this section, I’ve covered everything about making a candle and the ingredients needed for it. Also, I’ve listed some commands you can use to make candles in different Minecraft versions.

Supported Platforms to Make a Candle in Minecraft

The players can only make a candle in the supported Minecraft versions. I’ve listed the supported versions, editions, and other essential details in the table below. 

Supported Platforms Versions Available 
Pocket Edition (PE)1.17.10YES
Xbox One1.17.10YES
Xbox 360NO
Java Edition (PC/Mac)1.17YES
Windows 10 Edition1.17.10YES
Education Edition1.17.30YES
Nintendo Switch1.17.10YES

Disclaimer: The supported platforms are subject to change if Minecraft introduces a new update. I’ll ensure to update this table as I get any information regarding the changed supported platforms.

Materials Required to Make a Candle in Minecraft

In this section, you’ll find the materials required to make a candle in Minecraft. Moreover, I have explained how to get and craft each material in case you don’t have it in the Minecraft inventory.

You’ll need: 

  • A honeycomb 
  • A string
A string

How to Make a Honeycomb in Minecraft?

You can find a honeycomb in Minecraft survival mode, and there are no ways to make it. There are three places where you can expect to find a honeycomb. First, you need to find a bee nest in the Minecraft world. 

Bee nests are generally found around Flower Forests, Plains, and Sunflower plains biomes. Follow the below-mentioned steps to find a honeycomb.

How to Make a Honeycomb in Minecraft
  • Have a look at the oak and birch trees, and find a hanging bee nest.
  • Once you spot a nest, hold your shears in your hand by selecting them in the Hotbar. 
  • The bees will start entering the bee nest, and it’ll increase the level of honey.
  • Use your shears to gather the honeycombs from the best. Pick up the honeycomb before it disappears. You’ll see it in your Hotbar, move the honeycomb to your Minecraft inventory.

How to Make a String in Minecraft?

If you are playing Minecraft’s Bedrock or Education edition, you can make a string using the crafting menu. Gather one cobweb and place it on the crafting table, as shown in the image. You’ll get nine strings from one cobweb. 

If you are playing Minecraft in Survival Mode, you need to find the strings. Follow these steps to find a spider and get a string.

How to Make a String in Minecraft
  • Find a spider in your Minecraft World. You can find them around Overworld biomes. Ensure the light level is around seven or less.
  • Attack and kill the spider. The spider will disappear after you kill it. You’ll see two items, including a string and a spider eye. Collect these items and add them to your inventory.
  • Now use the string to make a candle. 

Note: If the spider does not give a string after dying, you need to find another spider. 

Steps to Make a Candle in Minecraft

As you have gathered the required ingredients, you are all set to make a candle. Below I have listed some steps along with images to help you make and collect a candle.

Step 1: Open the Crafting Table 

First, open the crafting menu in Minecraft. The crafting table has nine empty grids and looks something like this:

Crafting Menu (Table)

Step 2: Add the Ingredients to the Crafting Table 

Making Candle in Minecraft

Now add the string as well as the honeycomb to the crafting table. Place one honeycomb in the second grid of the second row. And place the string in the first grid of the first row. Your crafting menu should resemble to the image attached below:

Step 3: Move the Candle to Your Inventory 

Move the Candle to Your Inventory

As you have made a candle, you can now move it to your Minecraft inventory. You can follow the same recipe to make multiple candles and gather them in the inventory. Also, you can Target Block in Minecraft, by following step by step.

Commands to Make a Candle in Minecraft 

Minecraft players can also use commands to make a candle if they don’t want to follow the recipe. Here I have listed the commands and the Minecraft editions you can use them on.

Java/give @p candle 1
Pocket Edition /give @p candle 1 0
PlayStation /give @p candle 1 0
Xbox /give @p candle 1 0
Windows 10/give @p candle 1 0
Education Edition/give @p candle 1 0
Nintendo /give @p candle 1 0

By giving these commands, you can quickly make as many candles as you want. Move the candles in your inventory and use them as required.

How to Use Candle in Minecraft 

Now that you have made a candle, you should learn how to light it. You can use flint and steel to light a candle. The candle will remain lit permanently until you extinguish it manually. One lit candle gives off a light level of three. 

You need to light at least two candles to stop the monsters from spawning. Players can place multiple candles on a single block. The arrangement of the candle affects the light level, thus, here’s a video on how to use candles efficiently. 

How to Change the Color of a Candle?

How to Change the Color of a Candle

If you want to have a different color candle rather than the basic yellow color, you can do it by combining one of any 16 dye colors with the candle. Open the crafting table and put the candle in it along with the dye color. 

You’ll get a colored candle, move it to your Minecraft inventory and use it as required. Minecraft players can find dyes primarily from flowers. Furthermore, players can smelt sea pickles or cacti in a furnace to get a lime green or green dye.

Can You Find a Candle in Minecraft?

Can You Find a Candle in Minecraft

No, you cannot find a candle in Minecraft, so the only way to get this source of light is by making a candle. You can make as many candles as you want and add them to the inventory. 

Furthermore, you can change the color of the candles by putting a dye with a candle on the crafting table.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Can you make candles in Minecraft bedrock?

A: Yes, you can make candles in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. As per the latest Minecraft update, you can craft candles. The latest version you should play is 1.17.10.

Q: How do candles work in Minecraft?

A: A candle works by illuminating the nearby environment and provides a light level of up to three. You can place around four candles in one block. Here’s a video to learn more about how candles work and how to use them efficiently. 

Q: Do candles stay lit, Minecraft?

A: Yes, candles stay lit until manually extinguished. Moreover, candles extinguish after contacting water. Therefore, you cannot light waterlogged candles again.

Q: What burns forever in Minecraft?

A: A candle will not burn forever, so you should burn a block of netherrack on fire. It’ll burn until extinguished manually.


Now you know everything about how to make a candle in Minecraft and use it. Also, you can color a candle in the color you want. I’ve even covered how to use candles efficiently and scare monsters with them.

Having multiple candles is essential since they help you illuminate the environment, while you can scare monsters as well as mobs from them.

If you’ve got any questions regarding making candles in Minecraft, drop your queries in the comments section. I’ll get back to you ASAP. 

Keep playing!