How To Stop Pillagers From Spawning In Minecraft? The Detailed Guide

Stop Pillagers From Spawning In Minecraft

Pillagers are ridiculous, as they keep on firing arrows from their crossbows. Besides, they will also keep on spawning until you have a full-on raid in your area. So, to deal with them, you need to know how to stop pillagers from spawning.

There are several other ways to stop them from spawning as well. But, we reveal all those techniques first so you can fight it. After, we will discuss what pillagers actually are in Minecraft and what are the ideal conditions for their spawning near an outpost so you can beware of it.

How To Stop Pillagers From Spawning In Minecraft?

The best way to stop them from spawning is by lowering your difficulty level. Besides, you also need to trap them instead of killing a pillager group. You can also remove grassy and sandy blocks around an outpost and keep it well-lit.

Pillagers are difficult to deal with. And it is even more difficult to stop them from spawning. However, there are four main ways to stop them.

1. Lower Your Difficulty Level

Lower Your Difficulty Level in Minecraft

It is better to keep your difficulty level on the lower side if you want to know how to stop pillagers from spawning in caves. If you start any game in “Easy” mode, it is highly unlikely that pillagers will spawn above level 9. But, if you choose an advanced difficulty level, you will see a lot of spawning happening in your area.

Pillagers typically spawn at night. And the best way to avoid it is by lighting up a torch near the outposts and caves. And if you come face to face with a group of pillagers, try to run away from them around 200 blocks apart. If you do that, pillagers will tend to de-spawn within a few seconds.

2. Trap The Pillagers

Trap The Pillagers in Minecraft

First, you need to understand that pillagers will spawn at a faster rate if you kill them rapidly. It is directly proportional to your killing speed. So, if you kill a good number of pillagers in a short burst, they will start spawning faster and rapidly. And the level of spawning will gradually increase if you kill even more pillagers.

So, it is not a wise idea to kill them. Instead, you always need to try to trap them. You can easily trap pillagers by digging a big hole. Besides, you can also pour lava inside that hole if you want to kill at a faster rate. If you kill inside a lava pool, the pillager will not spawn again. 

It is always better to push them towards the lava-filled hole to stop them from spawning. And a knockback enchanted stick will be extremely handy in this case. If you don’t know how to execute it, follow our detailed guide for knockback stick commands in Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions.

3. Remove The Grass

Remove The Grass in Minecraft

We have already discussed the pillager outpost spawn radius. However, pillagers will always tend to span on a grassy or sandy surface. So, you can remove grass or sand from any block to stop them from spawning. They will also not spawn in any lava pool. And to create one, follow our comprehensive guide to get infinite lava in Minecraft.

Pillagers are highly unlikely to spawn in a well-lit place. So, to keep any area secure, first, you need to clear all the grasses and sands from blocks. And then, you need to light up that area as bright as possible. Many gamers also suggest it go light up the area up to level 9.

4. Remove Or Add The Blocks

Remove Or Add The Blocks in Minecraft

Pillagers will spawn within 12 levels below the outpost and up to 20 levels above it. So, if you want to know how to stop pillagers from spawning, you just need to find out a way to remove those vertical blocks. If you can remove those blocks, pillagers will never have a chance to spawn again.

You need to remove at least 13 blocks below any outpost to block the spawning points. And to do that, you can use sand to fill the space. However, you don’t need to worry about pillagers spawning in that sandy block, as they will not. You can also place some blocks above the outpost.

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What Are Pillagers In Minecraft?

What Are Pillagers In Minecraft

To balance any village ecosystem, Minecraft automatically adds pillagers as the real advisories of villagers. They mainly target villagers, traders, iron golems, and even players. Pillagers use crossbows and fire arrows up to 8 blocks. And they also chase targets for up to 64 blocks in radius. You can’t easily chase them as they have fast walking speed.

Unlike other mobs, the crossbow of pillagers will eventually break once it completes the usage limit in the Java edition. And once their crossbow breaks, pillagers will automatically turn into passive, unarmed mobs. A group of pillagers will start laughing and leaping once they kill all the villagers in a settlement. You can also catch them by their appearance, as they are a little taller than mobs and other villagers. 

Pillagers Home

An unarmed pillager will walk randomly at a distance like other passive mobs. However, they will always face the players to keep them in their field of view. And if you can spot those properly, you are already a step ahead in knowing how to stop pillagers from spawning at outposts.

What Are Outposts In Minecraft?

What Are Outposts In Minecraft

Outposts are the structures created by pillagers, generally outside a village. These posts have a distinct appearance as they are created with cobblestones and dark oak wood. Typically, pillagers will spawn around the outposts. However, many people have also complained that their pillagers are not spawning at an outpost.

Pillagers randomly attack all the passers-by. Besides, they will also attack if anyone tries to approach the outposts. You can find dark oak cages with captive iron golems around the outposts. And if you have a plan to destroy any outpost, always try to free the iron golems from the nearby caves. 

Things you can get in Outposts

There are several benefits of attacking an outpost. First, you can defeat all the pillagers. Secondly, you can stop spawning new pillagers around that outpost. Thirdly, you can get chests containing the following items.

  • Carrot
  • Potato
  • Wheat
  • Crossbow
  • Arrow
  • String
  • Tripwire Hook
  • Iron Ingot
  • Dark Oak Log
  • Enchanted Book
  • Bottle o’ Enchanting Crossbow (Extremely rare)
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Conditions Needed For The Spawning Of Pillagers

Conditions Needed For The Spawning Of Pillagers

If you want to know how to stop pillagers from spawning near my house, you need to understand what conditions are necessary for their spawning. Pillagers can spawn anywhere in the 5×5 grid around the outpost. Besides, they can spawn anywhere on the vertical axis, around 20 blocks above and 12 blocks below.

The general height of an outpost is 21 blocks. So, pillagers can spawn anywhere between 25 blocks in radius on the horizontal axis and 53 blocks in radius on the vertical axis centering the outpost. If the outpost has level 50, you can expect any pillager to spawn within level 38. And above, it will spawn within level 71.

Pillagers will typically spawn on the sandy or grassy land around the outposts. However, they are likely to spawn more on opaque blocks where light levels are lower than on general blocks. But if the entire area is well lighted, they can spawn almost anywhere around outposts.

What Are The Raids Of Pillagers In Minecraft?

Raids Of Pillagers In Minecraft

You must have already understood how to stop pillagers from spawning. However, you do need to know how to stop their raids to be on the safer side. You first need to understand that pillagers won’t attack you alone, as they always bring other enemies, such as mobs and vindicators. And they typically raid in waves having an army of tens of pillagers and mobs.

Those raids can have 3, 5, or even 7 waves, depending on your difficulty level. In the current Java edition of Minecraft, you will also get three other kinds of enemies in any typical raids by the pillagers. And those groups are as follows.

  • Armed Pillagers: All those armed pillagers are equipped with crossbows, and they fire at a greater speed and frequency. You will find armed pillagers the most in any raid.
  • Vindicators: You can trace a vindicator by the dull iron axes they carry. They are way more powerful than armed pillagers, and it is very difficult to get rid of them.
  • Witches: In any raid, witches will try to throw various potions and poisons at you. So, you better be safe from those witches.

You can also find captains, ravagers, and even evokers in pillagers’ raids as your level increases. And you can’t stop a raid unless you finish all the enemies in that raid.

What Are The Drops You Can Get From Pillagers?

Drops You Can Get From Pillagers

You must have already understood how to deal with pillagers and how to stop pillagers from spawning. But, if you are willing to kill them, there are various drops waiting for you. And the items they drop are as follows.

  • Crossbow: If a pillager is killed by a player or a tamed wolf, they are 8.5% more likely to drop a crossbow. And depending on your level of looting, that chance will increase by 1% for each level.
  • EXP: Besides crossbow, you will also get 5 experience points if a player or a tamed wolf kills any pillager.
  • Arrows: You can get up to 2 arrows at once if you kill a pillager. And as your level of looting increases, you can get up to 5 arrows.
  • Emeralds: You can get up to 5 emeralds from pillagers, although they are pretty rare.

These are the four main drops that you can get from pillagers. However, in the latest Java and Bedrock edition, you can even get an iron axe, sword, shovel, helmet, chest guard, leggings, and boots.


Q. Why do pillagers keep spawning?

Pillagers will always spawn in Minecraft to keep a village ecosystem balanced. Besides, they will also spawn so that they can start a full-blown raid in any village. However, the spawning speed is directly dependent on the killing speed. So, if you keep on killing them at a rapid pace, they will also start spawning faster.

Q. What blocks can pillagers not spawn on?

Pillagers can spawn on almost any surface around the 72×54×72 block centering an outpost. However, they are most likely to spawn in grassy and sandy blocks. Besides, they will also typically spawn in a low-lit area. If you block an area with a building block, they will not spawn in that area.

Q. How do you pacify a Pillager?

It is difficult to tame any pillager. And to do it, you need to first break their crossbows. Like general crossbows, pillagers also use the crossbow, which has 326 usage points. So, if you can make any pillager fire 326 times, their crossbow will automatically break, and you can pacify them.

Q. Will pillagers go away?

Pillagers will never go away randomly, as they will always point towards you to keep you in their field of view. However, if you see a group of pillagers, you need to be at least 200 blocks apart from them as soon as possible. And if you do that, they will automatically de-spawn from that area.


Pillagers are easy to kill if you have powerful and enchanted weapons. You can kill a few to get drops. However, it is not a wise decision to kill them all, as that will shoot the spawning speed. Instead, you need to keep them trapped or just tame them by breaking their crossbows.

So, that’s all the possible ways if you don’t know how to stop pillagers from spawning. If you think we have missed any other method, or if you have other methods in your mind, don’t forget to drop your suggestions and feedback in the comment box below.