Soul Sand Elevator Not Working? Easy Ways to Fix It 

Soul Sand Elevator Not Working

While playing Minecraft, players need to dig plenty of levels down to collect essential resources, including iron, gold, and diamonds. While stairs are an easy way to dig down, elevators make things even more convenient, and that is why Minecraft players make Sand Soul Elevator. 

Did you also make a Sand Soul Elevator, but it is not working? Well, it happens with a lot of players that’ve made this elevator for the first time. There can be many reasons why the elevator is not working. 

The most common reason is you haven’t crafted it properly. In this article, you’ll find all details regarding how to fix a broken Soul Sand Elevator and make it work. 

Why Doesn’t Your Soul Sand Elevator Work Properly?

Why Doesn’t Your Soul Sand Elevator Work Properly

Before I go ahead and explain how to fix a broken Soul Sand Elevator, it’s important to understand why it does not work in the first place. I’ve figured out two reasons why your elevator is not functioning. 

You Have Not Crafted It Properly 

If you don’t craft the Soul Sand Elevator using all source blocks, it will not work. Also, placing the bocks appropriately is essential to make the elevator work smoothly.

There is no Water Source 

A Soul Sand Elevator needs a water source to produce bubbles and go up and down. If the elevator does not have a water source, it will not produce bubbles, and therefore, the elevator will not work. 

Some other reasons include the water is not flat and is flowing, which doesn’t let it feed into the elevator. Read on to know how to make a Soul Sand Elevator in Minecraft and make it work.

How to Fix Soul Sand Elevator in Minecraft 

In order to fix the elevator, you need to craft it from scratch. But before that, you can try the following hacks and try to fix the elevator.

Step 1: Determine If you are Using the Right Base

Determine If you are Using the Right Base

Not using the right base is a common mistake among new Minecraft players and players making the elevator for the first time. The elevator won’t work if the blocks placed under the water blocks are of Soul Soil. 

You need to use Soul Sand blocks under the water blocks and not Soul Soil blocks. 

Step 2: Removing the Soul Sand Block Can Help 

Removing the Soul Sand Block Can Help

Is the elevator still not working? You should consider replacing the Sand Soul block with dirt and sand. Replacing the block can instantly help. 

Step 3: Make Every Water Block a Source Block 

Make Every Water Block a Source Block

To make the elevator work, you should make sure that all blocks of water are Source Blocks. Moreover, you should add Kelp in all blocks of water to turn them into Source Blocks and make the Soul Sand Elevator work.

Step 4: Brek The Kelp

Break The Kelp

Once you have added the Kelp till the last water block, break the Kelp from its bottom, and you are good to go. 

Step 5: Consider Replacing the Bottom Block 

Consider Replacing the Bottom Block

Now you can replace the bottom block with a Soul Sand block. This will help complete the elevator, and it’ll start producing bubbles. 

How to Make a Soul Sand Elevator in Minecraft?

Even after following the remedies explained above, there is a chance the Soul Sand elevator won’t work. And in this case, you need to make it again from scratch. Below, I have explained a series of steps to make this water elevator properly.

Items You Need to Make a Soul Sand Elevator 

To craft this elevator, you’ll need the following items. Players can quickly obtain these items, however, finding the Soul Sand block can be pretty tricky. You’ll find this block in the biome in the Nether, watch this video to find a Soul Sand Block.

List of Items You Need: 

  • Door 
  • Temporary blocks for building 
  • Stacks of Kelp (it’ll depend on the height of the elevator you need)
  • Soul Sand Block
  • Stacks of Glass Blocks (it’ll depend on the height of the elevator you need)

Steps to Make Soul Sand Elevator in Minecraft 

Once you have gathered all the required materials, you can follow these steps to craft the elevator and make it work.

Step 1: Prepare the Elevator’s Base 

Prepare the Elevator’s Base

The elevator’s base is extremely important for its working, so you should make it the right way. First, start digging one block down where you want to take the elevator and place the Soul Sand Block.

Next, surround the block with one door and three glass blocks, as you can see in the picture below.

Step 2: Craft the Elevator Tower 

Craft the Elevator Tower

After getting the base ready, you can build the tower. The length of the tower depends on how deeper you want the elevator to go. 

Start placing the glass blocks right after the door ends. All the glass blocks should go down into the Soul Sand Block. Your Soul Sand elevator should look something like this:

Step 3: Use Water Blocks to Fill the Holes 

Use Water Blocks to Fill the Holes

The elevator needs Source Water Blocks to work, and you should feed them to the elevator. Put a water bucket from the elevator’s top. Once done, the top water block will serve as a source, and other blocks will help the elevator move. 

You need to ensure that all the water blocks are the source so that the Soul Sand Elevator can work. 

Now, you can plant Kelp from the Soul Sand Block at the bottom to the elevator’s top. This is important to make all water blocks a source. After planting Kelp in all blocks, you can break it. 

Step 4: You Can Now Use the Elevator 

You Can Now Use the Elevator

After breaking the Kelp, your elevator will be ready to use. The Soul Sand Block will create an upward water flow making the elevator work. Also, you can Armor stand in Minecraft, by following step by step.

How to Make a Soul Sand Elevator in Minecraft | Java 1.19+

Important Things to Know About Using a Soul sand elevator In Minecraft 

As you have a working Soul Sand Elevator ready, you need to learn how to use it. In this section, you will find everything required to use the elevator and dig deeper into multiple levels.

Can Soul sand make you go up?

Can Soul sand make you go up

Yes, the Soul Sand will make you go up. After you replace the elevator’s block with Soul Sand Block and use water blocks as the source, it will generate an upward push making the player go up.

What block goes down in the water?

What block goes down in the water

In order to go downwards, Minecraft players need to use Magma blocks. This block can pull the player downwards from the top through the water. The Soul Sand helps the player push upwards. 

Using both of these blocks helps the Minecraft player go up and down as required by using the Soul Sand Elevator.

How high do soul sand bubbles go?

How high do soul sand bubbles go

The soul sand bubbles can go as high as the build limit. The build limit of the elevator varies depending on Minecraft’s version, so there is no specific answer to it. The bubbles will go as high as the height of the Soul Sand Elevator.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What is the maximum height of the Soul Sand Water Elevator?

A: The maximum height of a Soul Sand Elevator in Minecraft can be around 43 blocks. The elevator will efficiently produce bubbles to help you move inside the elevator.

Q: How to Place Kelp in a Soul Sand Elevator?

A: Gather as many as pieces of Kelp as the number of glass blocks used in the elevator. Now place the Kelp until the water column gets full. You can place the Kelp by selecting it from the hot bar and clicking on the elevator blocks.

Q: How to make Soul Sand Bubbles?

A: To make Soul Sand bubbles in Minecraft, you need to place Soul Sand Block under the source water blocks. The elevator will generate an upward bubble column, making the elevator go up. 


Now that you have fixed the Soul Sand Elevator, you can start using it to go up and down as required. Also, I have covered all reasons why a Soul Sand Elevator may not work, so you can easily figure out what’s wrong if it stops working again.

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