Minecraft Spruce Tree: Everything You Should Know

Minecraft Spruce Tree

In the Minecraft world, spruce tree wood is a type of highest-tier wood you can use to build and craft things. And that makes this wood extremely valuable. However, some players find it difficult to grow or find spruce trees.

Are you also facing difficulties in finding different types of spruce trees to build things? Well, this article on Minecraft spruce trees has everything you need to know. 

I have covered different types of spruce trees and where they are located. Also, you will find information on growing a spruce tree and some easy ways to grow these saplings quickly.

What Is A Spruce Tree? What Is It Used For? 

What Is A Spruce Tree

A spruce tree or also known as a pine tree, looks a bit similar to a birch tree but has a darker color. These trees are mainly found in the taiga biome and can also generate around snowy taiga, snowy plains, and windswept forests. 

Minecraft players can use these trees for a variety of purposes, such as fuel in the furnace and for crafting different things that require wood. Below, I’ve listed five common uses of spruce trees in Minecraft.

Sprue Trees as Fuel 

A lot of Minecraft players use these trees as fuel, as they burn for longer. You can add this wood to the furnace for cooking or smelting items. Any type of spruce wood can be used as fuel.

Spruce Trees as Bone Marrow 

Spruce saplings without wood fall from the trees, and the leaves of those saplings float in the air. Players can use the overabundance of these saplings by turning them into the bone marrow. 

You can make a bone marrow by putting the sapling and putting it inside the composter. You need around 20 or more spruce saplings to fill the compost bin and extract bone marrow.

Spruce Trees as Crafting Elements 

You can craft a lot of things in Minecraft, and for making most items, you need some type of wood. The different variants of spruce trees are perfect for craft stairs, doors, slabs, and more. Moreover, you can use this wood in smokers and campfires. 

Spruce Tree For Charcoal 

Spruce Tree For Charcoal

You can use the spruce tree to get charcoal. All you need to do is place the spruce tree wood on the top square as an item that you want to cook or smelt. It’ll result in converting the spruce wood into charcoal that you can move to your Minecraft inventory.

Spruce Trees for Building Purposes 

Spruce Trees for Building Purposes

You can use any type of wood to build homes in Minecraft, and it includes spruce wood as well. This wood is easily distinguishable as it leaves a darker color to the build. The dark color is useful as an aesthetic element for any structure.

Different Spruce Tree Variants In Minecraft 

Different Spruce Tree Variants In Minecraft

There isn’t just one or two but multiple types of spruce saplings players can find in Minecraft. These different variants may grow in any form of a spruce sapling. Below, you will find more details about different spruce tree variants.

The Short Spruce Tree 

You can easily identify short spruce trees, as they have the leaves arranged in an octahedral shape that looks similar to a lollipop. These trees have the least amount of wood and are located in the snowy biomes in Minecraft.

The Regular Spruce Tree 

These trees have a height of between 5-12, and the leaves tend to grow in discrete rows. If you play Minecraft in Bedrock Edition, this is the only spruce tree variant you can grow using saplings.

The Tall Spruce Tree 

These spruce trees are tall that generate in a matchstick style. There are only a few leaves on the top. Players can collect the maximum amount of wood from these trees. 

Where are the Spruce Trees Located?

There are several locations in Minecraft you can visit to find spruce trees. In this section, I have explained more about these locations to help you find these trees.

Snowy Tundra

Snowy Tundra

Also known as ice plains, the Snowy Tundra biome is home to spruce trees. As the biome is full of snow, you will barely see mobs there. There is no abundance of spruce trees here, but you can still find some of them here since no other types of trees grow here. 

Giant Tree Taiga

Giant Tree Taiga

The giant tree taiga is a massive biome and is home to plenty of tree variations. It looks like a jungle because of the trees and has numerous spruce trees. Finding the Giant Tree Taiga is difficult because of its rarity. 

The spruce trees that grow here are larger in width as compared to standard spruce trees, so the players get more wood.

Snowy Taiga


It is one of the coldest biomes in Minecraft and has an abundance of spruce trees. As compared to the snowy tundra biome, this one grows spruce trees more frequently. You can easily find a spruce tree here and collect it for the purposes you want to serve.

Wooded Mountains

Wooded Mountains

The wooded mountains biome is perfect for Minecraft players looking to collect different types of wood. You will find a lot of spruce trees here. However, the size of the trees is not as big as you get in the giant tree taiga.

Taiga Biome

Taiga Biome

Located near the extreme hill biome, the taiga biome has numerous spruce trees and ferns that players can collect and use. This biome is very popular for providing Minecraft players with a lot of wood, especially spruce wood. 

As this biome does not have snow, chances are you will find mobs here, therefore, collecting spruce wood can be difficult. Also, you can Make a Trapdoor, by following step by step.

How to Get Spruce Saplings in Minecraft

Finding a spruce tree is not the only way to find spruce wood, you can also make a spruce sapling and use it to grow a tree. There are several Minecraft versions that support making a spruce sapling. In this section, I have covered all details regarding making spruce saplings.

Supported Minecraft Platforms to Make Spruce Saplings 

You need to play the game in any of the following versions to make a spruce sapling. Any other version does not support crafting the saplings.

Platform Supported (Yes/No)
Java Edition Yes
PlayStation Edition (PS3 and PS4)Yes
Wii UYes
Nintendo Switch (Bedrock Edition)Yes
Education Edition Yes
Windows 10 Edition Yes
Pocket Edition Yes


To date, all the versions let you make spruce saplings. I will ensure to update this table as Minecraft makes any changes or rolls out newer platforms that support crafting spruce tree saplings.

Steps to Make Spruce Tree Saplings in Minecraft (in Survival Mode)

You can easily add spruce saplings to the Minecraft inventory by chopping leaves from a spruce tree. Follow these steps to gather spruce saplings.

Step 1: Look for a Spruce Tree 

Look for a Spruce Tree

Begin with finding a spruce tree, you can find it around any location I have listed in this article. The most common biomes you’ll find spruce trees in are Old Growth Pine Taiga and Snowy Taiga.

Step 2: Hold the Ax 

Hold the Ax

You can also use your hands to chop down the spruce tree leaves, but I recommend using an ax. You can use any type of ax for this purpose: including a golden ax, netherite ax, and more.

Step 3: Break the Leaves 

Next, you need to break the leaves in order to get a spruce sapling. The game control for breaking the leaves depends on the platform you are playing Minecraft on. Here is a table with different Minecraft platforms and the steps required to break the leaves.

Platform Game Controls
Java EditionLeft-click and hold on to the spruce leaves
Xbox 360 and Xbox OnePress and hold the RT button
Windows 10 EditionLeft-click and hold on to the spruce leaves
Pocket EditionTap and hold on to the spruce leaves
Nintendo SwitchPress and hold the ZR button
Education EditionLeft-click and hold on to the spruce leaves

Step 4: Collect the Spruce Saplings 

Collect the Spruce Saplings

Now spruce saplings will fall on the floor. Collect them before they disappear, and you can use them to grow spruce trees. 

How to Grow a Spruce Tree in Minecraft Using Saplings 

MINECRAFT | Best Way to Plant or Grow Tall Giant Spruce Trees! 1.14.4

After you have collected a spruce sapling, you are all set to grow a spruce tree. I’ve listed several steps, follow them in the series they are explained, and you are good to go.

Step 1: Plant the Spruce Sapling 

Plant the Spruce Sapling

After you have collected the sapling using an ax, you can add it to the hot bar. Next, select the sapling from the hot bar, and position the pointer on the block where you want to plant it. The block will get highlighted in the game window.

The game controls the plant of the spruce sapling depending on the platform you are using to play Minecraft.

Platform Game Controls to Plant Sapling 
Java EditionRight-click on the block
PS3 and PS4Press the L2 button
Windows 10 EditionRight-click on the block
Wii UPress the ZL button
Pocket EditionTap on the block
Nintendo SwitchPress the ZL button

As you press the required buttons to plant the sapling, you’ll see it on the ground. As you have not fertilized the sapling, it will grow at a slow pace. When I was growing spruce trees, I fertilized the saplings to make them grow quickly.

Step 2: Fertilize 


Fertilizing the spruce sapling is essential to growing it quickly. Just like planting the sapling, the game controls to fertilize it are different. Go through the below-mentioned table, and fertilize the sapling.

Platform Game Controls to Fertilize Sapling 
Java EditionRight-click on the sapling
PS3 and PS4Press the L2 button
Windows 10 EditionRight-click on the sapling
Wii UPress the ZL button
Pocket EditionTap on the sapling
Nintendo SwitchPress the ZL button

Now you need to wait for some time until the spruce sapling grows into a tree. Use the tree to make more saplings and to collect wood for different purposes. 

Why Doesn’t The Spruce Tree Grow Up?

One thing a lot of Minecraft players ask me is whether their spruce saplings don’t grow into a tree. There are many reasons why your saplings don’t grow into a tree, including:

  • You did not use fertilizer 
  • The sapling is not a part of a 2×2 square of saplings, or it does not meet the requirements of a giant tree. 

How To Make The Tree Grow?

In order to make the spruce tree grow, you need to plant the sapling correctly. Below I have listed two solutions you can use to grow the spruce sapling into a tree. 

Solution 1: Use Fertilizer 

Always use fertilizer when growing spruce saplings. After planting the sapling, fertilize it by right-clicking on it (if you are playing Minecraft on the computer). Follow the table listed above to know how to fertilize spruce saplings in different Minecraft platforms. 

Solution 2: Give the Sapling Enough Space 

The spruce sapling needs a 5×5 column of unobstructed space to grow properly. Spruce or any other sapling will not grow in a tight space.


Q: Is spruce rare in Minecraft?

A: Spruce trees are available all over the taiga, and other biomes in Minecraft, thus, you can easily find them. However, spruce trees are rare in some snowy biomes, and finding them may take time.

Q: Does spruce grow on podzol?

A: Yes, spruce trees can grow on podzols instead of dirt, but you need to use fertilizer to grow them quickly. 

Q: What can you do with spruce wood Minecraft?

A: You can use spruce wood for a variety of tasks, such as making wood planks. Some players also use spruce wood to craft a shelter and use it as fuel.

Q: How do you make a spruce log?

A: Find a spruce tree, hold an ax, chop off the tree trunk, and collect the spruce log. You can easily make as many logs as you want.


That’s everything you should know about Minecraft spruce trees. Now you can plant spruce saplings and use the spruce logs to make shelter and as fuel. I have even covered different variants of spruce trees and some ways to grow these trees quickly.

Stay tuned with Tweaker Zone for more interesting Minecraft recipes such as making chains and repairing a damaged bow