How to Make Chains in Minecraft & Usage

How to Make Chains in Minecraft

If you are an avid Minecraft player, you understand the importance of chains. The chain blocks can be used to hang bells and lanterns. Moreover, you can connect them horizontally and walk over them.

How to make chains in Minecraft? To make a chain, you need two iron nuggets and one iron ingot. The more chains you want to make, the more you’ll need these items.

Below in this article, you will find all the necessary details required to make chains in Minecraft. Read on to know more about using these chains, the supported platforms, and some commands that’ll improve your gameplay.

How To Make Chains in Minecraft: A Step-by-step Guide

Chains in Minecraft

Chain blocks in Minecraft are essential, and every player should know the exact Chain recipe to make them. Also, I have listed the supported versions you can make chains in, so there is no need to fuss about anything.

Minecraft Supported Platforms for Making Chains

PlatformsSupported Version
Pocket Edition (PE)1.16.0
Nintendo Switch1.16.0
Windows 10 Edition1.16.0
Education Edition1.17.30
Java Edition (PC/Mac)1.16
Xbox One1.16.0

You can only make chains in Minecraft on the aforementioned platforms and their supported versions. I’ll keep updating the platforms and versions as Minecraft updates them, so you’ll get the latest information here. 

Items Required to Make Chains in Minecraft

Items Required to Make Chains in Minecraft

You don’t need a lot of items to make a chain block in Minecraft. You’ll need:

  • Two iron nuggets 

An iron nugget is a piece of iron that you can obtain by smelting iron chainmail armor or weapons/tools. One iron nugget is worth one-ninth or an iron ingot.

  • One iron ingot

You can obtain an iron ingot by smelting iron ore. Furthermore, Minecraft players can find iron ingots in woodland mansions, underground dungeons, desert temples, shipwrecks, and buried treasure chests. 

Steps to Make Chains in Minecraft 

After you gather all the required items, you are all set to make chains. But before that, you should know if you can find chains in Minecraft.

Can You Find Chains in Minecraft?

Yes, you can obtain chains in Minecraft. There are chances you can find the chain blocks in chests of loot and as a part of naturally-generated structures. The most common place where most players claim to find chains are mineshafts. Furthermore, you can find the chains in Ruined Portals and Bastion Remnants. 

Now let’s get back to the process of crafting Chains in Minecraft. 

Step 1: Open the Crafting Table 

Crafting Menu 

Open the crafting table, and you’ll see grids on the table. You are required to add materials to these grids to make a chain. 

Step 2: Add Items to the Grids 

After opening the crafting menu, start adding the items to the grids. Add two iron nuggets, one in the “Center block” of the first row and one in the center block of the third row. Now add one iron ingot to the center block of the “Second row”

Chain Making Process In Minecraft

With this recipe, you can easily create a chain in Minecraft. Follow the process multiple times to create multiple chains and then use them for any purpose.

Step 3: Place the Chain Anywhere in the Inventory 

Chain in Minecraft

Lastly, you can move the chain anywhere in your Minecraft inventory. Multiple chains will require multiple grids, so place them according to your needs. Also you can Make a Redstone Repeater in Minecraft, by following step by step.

Minecraft Chains Commands You Should Know

You can give commands to make a chain in Minecraft. And that’ll make things really easy. 

Pocket Edition/give @p chain 1 0
Nintendo Switch/give @p chain 1 0
Java Edition/give @p a chain 1
Windows 10 Edition/give @p chain 1 0
Xbox One/give @p chain 1 0

How to Use Chains in Minecraft: Top 5 Uses 

Creating chains is important, but do you know how you can use them to improve the gameplay? Here are the top five uses of chains in Minecraft.

How to Use Chains in Minecraft
  1. For Hanging Mobs 

Minecraft players can create some scary and funny illusions. By using barrier blocks, and easter egg dinnerbone, players can hang mobs to chains. 

  1. For Making Bridges 

Chains are ideal for making bridges. You can use chains to build cables for bridges and then cross them without any issues. Place multiple chains horizontally in order to create bridge cables.

  1. For Parkour Maps 

A chain on a small thin area is walkable. With practice, you can walk over a chain in Minecraft. Furthermore, players can use these chains to build maps.

  1. For Decoration 

Using the chains, Minecraft players can decorate their bases and builds. Here is a video on how you can use chains for decoration purposes. 

  1. For Hanging Different Types of Items 

Generally, chains in Minecraft are used to hang bells, soul lanterns, and normal lanterns. When you have chains, there is no need to hang these items on the wall. Minecraft players can also use the chains to create natural lighting for castles and to make beautiful chandeliers.

Video Guide

How to Make Chains in Minecraft! 1.16.4


Q: Can you chain villagers in Minecraft?

A: Yes, you need to use a combination of chain blocks and an easter egg to chain villagers. Watch this video on how you can make use of the chain blocks to improve your gameplay. 

Q: How do you make a giant chain in Minecraft?

A: You need to combine several chains to make a giant chain in Minecraft. Follow the chain-making recipe listed in this article to build multiple chains. 

Q: What Is the Recipe for Chain Armor in Minecraft?

A: There is no way to make chain armor in Minecraft. You need to trade the armor from the blacksmith villagers in exchange for emeralds. 

Final Thoughts 

That’s everything you need to know about how to make chains in Minecraft. You can easily make as many chains as you want and use them for several purposes I listed in this article. 

If there are any questions you still have related to crafting chains in Minecraft, you can shoot them in the comments section. 

Enjoy Playing! 

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