Minecraft Eerie Noise: What is It, and Why Should You Care?

Minecraft Eerie Noise

If you love playing Minecraft and exploring the darker areas, especially the caves, chances are you must have heard the eerie noises.  

An eerie noise is an ambient sound effect you hear when roaming around a darker area. What makes eerie noises even scarier is their types. Sometimes you may hear the sound of a minecart running or sounds of explosions. 

If you play with the subtitles on, you’ll see eerie noises displayed on the screen. What do these noises mean? Should you care about them? How to turn off the eerie noises?

This article will answer all these questions in detail. Now there’s no need to worry about those spooky noises, as you’ll know what they mean and how to turn them off.

What is Eerie Noise? How to Identify it?

What is Eerie Noise

An eerie noise is an ambient sound effect that’s played in the background when you are in or around a dark place, such as caves. Some players also call them cave sounds and cave ambiance because most of the eerie noises are heard in the caves.

The biggest challenge Minecraft players face is identifying the eerie noises. You’ll hear tons of spooky noises in the background when playing Minecraft, so knowing what an eerie noise is can be difficult.

Fortunately, the latest update shows the eerie noises in the subtitles. Whenever there is an eerie noise in the background, you’ll see it in the subtitles.

Do you play Minecraft with the subtitles on? If not, here are the steps to turn the Minecraft subtitles on:

  • Go to the Option menu, and click on Music and Sounds
Minecraft Options
Music and Sounds option in minecraft
  • Select the Show Subtitles bar and turn it on
turn of Show Subtitles in minecraft
  • Click on Done, and you’ll see the subtitles on the screen.

What Leads to Eerie Noise in Minecraft?

There are several unknown causes behind eerie noises in Minecraft. So I did extensive research to find out what are some reasons you hear these spooky noises. 

The biggest cause of eerie noises in Minecraft is the blocks of air. These air blocks with a light level of 8 or below can produce eerie noises. 

Since these blocks are present everywhere in the Minecraft Overworld, you may hear eerie noises most of the time. If these blocks of air are present close to you (16 blocks or less), you will hear eerie noises.

In addition, these noises pass through solid walls and may be heard in all areas of the Minecraft Overworld. Nether is the only place where you won’t hear the eerie noises. However, entering the Nether is not child’s play.

How to Turn off Eerie Noises in Minecraft 

If you are fed up or afraid of hearing these eerie noises, you can turn them off. Minecraft has introduced this feature on the beta testing version for Follow the steps listed below to turn off the cave sounds. Follow these steps again to enable the eerie steps when you want.

  • Launch the Minecraft game, and go to Options
  • Now go to General and select the Music and Sounds
  • Select Ambient/Environment Settings to 100%.
AmbientEnvironment Settings to 100% in minecraft
  • Alter the Sound levels

Note: Turning off the eerie noises will also alter the sound of water entering/exiting and the fireworks. However, you can use several torches to light up the darker spots in order to see the fireworks. 

Other Scary Sounds in Minecraft  

Eerie noises aren’t the only scary sound in Minecraft. You’ll also hear some other noises that feel scary. Therefore, knowing about them will help you with relaxed gameplay.

1. A Creeper Hissing 

The Creeper Hissing sound is the scariest of all. Also, when a creeper hisses around you, the consequences can be bad. Veteran, as well as novice Minecraft players, at some point, have been killed from an explosion courtesy of a creeper. 

In many cases, when you hear the creeper hissing sound, it’s already too late.

2. An Enderman Attacking 

An Enderman Attacking 

When an Enderman mob is angry and starts attacking the player, they make eerie sounds. The sound that these mobs make is hard to compare to other sounds in Minecraft because these are unique. 

However, players can easily identify the noise made by a mob of angry Enderman. From screeches to teleporting, the noises made by these mobs are definitely scary.

3. Ghast Moans and Screams 

If you have ever been to the upper reaches of the Nether, you might have seen floating ghost-like creatures. These creatures aren’t very dangerous, and Minecraft players can easily spot them from a distance. 

These ghosts can throw a fireball at you, but you can tackle it with a well-timed strike. Apart from their scary appearance, the noise of screeches and moans also make them pretty scary. 

Below I have attached a video clip of ghast screams and moans to help you identify these eerie noises while playing Minecraft.

Ghast moaning

4. Disc 11 

Disc 11 

I’d say this is the most confusing eerie noise in Minecraft, and players who have never heard such noises can easily get distracted and disturbed. The noise makes you feel like a player is struggling to run away from something which is haunting and perusing them.

The scary background music adds up to it and makes the noise even scarier. 

5. Burning from Lava 

How To Have Infinite Lava In The Nether

If you have seen a Minecraft player getting burnt in lava, you’ll agree that the sound is extremely scary. When a player falls into the lava without any protective gear, they get burnt right away to perish and crisp. 

Moreover, all the items that the players have gathered in their inventory will be lost as a result of lava burning them. Click here to watch a video of what the burning from lava sounds like. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Should I turn off eerie sounds?

A: I don’t recommend turning off the eerie sounds because they tell you about the oncoming dangers. If you turn off these noises, you won’t hear the angry Enderman mob coming towards you and the sound of lava burning your player.

Q: What is the weird creepy sound in Minecraft? 

A: the weird creepy sound in Minecraft can be of anything, such as a creeper, Disc 11, and more. It would be great to watch some YouTube videos on what these creepy sounds mean to know how to react when you hear one of them.

Q: Why did I hear an eerie noise in Minecraft?

A: Every player, at some point, hears the eerie noises in Minecraft. The purpose of these noises is to tell the player about the oncoming dangers. If you know the difference between different eerie noises, you can quickly determine what steps to take next to save the player.


I’ve covered almost everything about Minecraft’s eerie noise that every player should know about. Next time when you hear these noises fret not and continue your gameplay. Also, keep an eye on your surroundings to look for Enderman and creepers to protect your player from dangers. 

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