Can’t Find Nether Fortress in Minecraft? Here’s What You Should Do

Can't Find Nether Fortress in Minecraft

You have successfully conquered the far and near territories, discovered several removed villages, and built a home in the Overworld. But things don’t just end here. Minecraft has endless possibilities, and if you want to make out the most from the virtual world, you need to find the Nether Fortress.

Are you unable to find the Nether Fortress? Well, locating it is daunting, and a lot of players find it really challenging. The Nether is not a place for the faint-hearted, and you need to prepare yourself for it. 

This guide will tell you everything about finding Nether Fortress. I’ve covered everything in detail, including the steps to find the fortress to “how to prepare to enter the fortress.” 

Let’s get started:

Why Can’t I Find a Nether Fortress in Minecraft?

Why Can’t I Find a Nether Fortress in Minecraft

The reason why you are unable to find the Nether Fortress is because it can spawn in any biome. Moreover, there is no spawning limit, and the fortress can spawn in any biome at any time. As per several players and Minecraft experts, the Nether Fortress has higher chances of spawning on the positive side of the X-axis.

Players, usually the beginners, keep finding the fortress by moving south to north, while the fortress moves from north to south as the X-axis is positive. 

But, worry not, as this guide will help you locate the Nether Fortress in Minecraft without any issues. 

What are the Chances of Finding a Nether Fortress in Minecraft?

Chances of Finding a Nether Fortress in Minecraft

The chances of finding a Nether Fortress in Minecraft depend on the edition you are playing the game on. In the Java Edition, the chances of generating a fortress are 2⁄5 (40%). On the other hand, the chances of generating a fortress in the Bedrock edition are 1⁄3 (33.3%). 

The chances of finding a Nether Fortress in Minecraft are lesser than the chances of generation of the fortress. Therefore, you need to follow a proper approach to find the fortress and keep several tips in mind, which I have discussed in this article.

Steps to Prepare for Entering the Nether Fortress in Minecraft 

Entering the Nether Fortress is not an easy task and requires a lot of preparation. Before I share the steps to find the fortress and you try to enter it, you should prepare for it first. I have used these steps myself, and they’ve helped a lot since the Nether Fortress is full of dangers.

Step 1: Make a Portal 

Getting to the Nether Fortress is hard because it is located beneath the rolling hills and scenery of the regular map. In order to visit the fortress, you need to create a portal. 

Creating a portal in Minecraft is relatively straightforward and only requires obsidian, flint and steel. There are several places in the Overworld where you can find Obsidian. These places include the woodland mansions, caves, deep ravines, and the specific areas where the lava meets the water.

obsidian, flint and steel in Minecraft

To mine obsidian, you need to get a diamond pickaxe. Players have also found obsidians by bartering or looting with Piglins. No matter how you gather the obsidian resources, you need to collect 10 blocks to build the portal. Flint and steel are required to ignite it. 

making portal using flint and steel

After finding the obsidian, find a place where you can create the portal frame. Search on some Minecraft forums and look for how other players have created their portals. Here is a video on how to create a portal frame using obsidian. 

Place two obsidian blocks on top and bottom, and then place three blocks on the side. The frame should look like a door

making Portal using obsidian

Grab the steel and flint when you are ready to activate the frame. Light on fire, and you’ll be ready for the interdimensional travel. You will see a purple, translucent, and a liquid-like thing filling the entire doorway.

Step 2: Collect Some Weapons and Armor 

Entering the Nether Fortress is not easy, as said before, therefore, you should collect or make some weapons and armors to safeguard yourself from the dangers. The equipment you will find in the game may vary depending on the character level or the game edition. 

Players looking to find the Nether Fortress in Minecraft should have the following weapons and armors.

Collect Weapons and Armor for nether fortress
  • A bow and arrows 
  • A sword 
  • An armor 
  • Pickaxes 
  • Misc Resources 

Some other things that you need include a torch, as you’ll need it to craft materials during the Nether Adventure. It would be a good idea to have some water buckets and a cauldron in the inventory. You might need them to clear the lava and prevent the player from getting burnt due to fire.

Step 3: Have A Meal 

Having lunch is always a good idea because finding or entering the Nether Fortress is not easy at all. You can include anything in the misc resources section of the checklist. Because food is one of the main healing items, you should include highly nutritious food items if possible.

I recommend adding food items like cooked pork chops, steak, and some more items. Some players that have entered the Nether Fortress or tried it also recommend including golden apples. 

Step 4: Make a Temp Base Kit 

Since entering the Nether Fortress is not that easy, you should create a temporary base there. Also, the temp base will help you keep the essential resources handy, which you can use when required.

The key components that should be present in the temp base kit should include:

make a Temp Base Kit for nether Fortress
  • A furnace
  • A chest 
  • A crafting table 
  • Some wood logs (Nether has wood, but you should bring some wood logs to prevent finding them in the fortress)

Step 5: Gather Some Fire-resistant Potions

Create Fire-resistant Potions for nether fortress

Since the Nether Fortress is full of fire, it is a good idea to keep some fire resistance potions. I would also recommend carrying splash potions as they are helpful to counter fire hazards. 

If you are unable to find the potions, you can brew them as well. Check out the video attached below to learn more about brewing these potions in Minecraft.

MINECRAFT | How to Make a Fire Resistance Potion! 1.15.2

Steps to Find Nether Fortress in Minecraft 

Now you are all set to enter the Nether Fortress, so go through these steps and find it in your Minecraft Overworld. Follow all the steps in the series they are explained, and you’ll be able to find the new world within the game.

Step 1: Increase the Render Distance 

By increasing the render distance, you can have a better view of the Overworld. Also, it increases the chances of finding the Nether Fortress. Lower render distances make it hard to see the structures properly, and it will require more time to find the fortress.

Increase Render Distance to 32 chunks

I recommend setting the render distance to 32 under “video settings” so that you can easily see the fortress that’s 32 chunks away from you.

Note: Even if the fortress spawns closely, you won’t be able to see it because of the low render distance. 

Step 2: Start Exploring the Nearby Areas

Start Exploring Nether Fortress nearby areas

Because the Nether Fortress doesn’t have a spawn limit, it may spawn in any biome at any time. You should try searching for 100-200 blocks in every direction and in every biome

Some players said the fortress spawned around them, but they were not able to explore it because of the netherrack blocks. This is another reason for increasing the render distance so that you can see what is behind them.

Step 3: Bridge Over Lava Sections 

find nether fortress on Bridge Over Lava Sections 

Sometimes Nether Fortress can spawn out over the lava ocean, and if you don’t bridge over lava sections, you won’t be able to enter the fortress. In addition, bridging over the lava ocean is very helpful for several purposes in Minecraft Overworld.

Players should use a block or cobblestone with a higher blast resistance when creating a nether bridge. 

An Important Note: You should avoid using netherrack blocks for building the bridge over the lava. 

Step 4: Keep Finding the Fortress by Moving in its Direction

If you have already found the Nether Fortress, you can move in the direction of the Fortress to look for more. Also, Minecraft players can move in the direction of the fortress’s bridge to find and enter it.

Find Nether Fortress using direction

There are higher chances the fortress generates in the direction of the bridge. Therefore, it’s essential to keep the render distance high to find the fortress quickly. You can press F3 at the end of the bridge to find its direction.

Step 5: Move Towards Positive X-axis 

As I’ve told you before, the Nether Fortress has higher chances of generating in the positive quadrant. Start moving towards the positive axis east or north

When moving, make sure to check the nearby surroundings. Some players have a misconception that the Nether Fortress generates in a straight line, but that is not always the case. Don’t move in the same direction, and keep loving everywhere to find it quickly.

How to use Coordinates in Minecraft (Any Version)

Step 6: Look for Structures that Stand Out 

One of the easiest ways to locate the Nether Fortress is by looking for structures that stand out. Fortresses look dark because they are made up of dark red bricks and are easily distinguishable. 

When moving along the positive X-axis, you should look for all structures that look dark and have a different shape.

Step 7: Ride Striders Across the Nether Seas 

Ride Striders Across the Nether Seas 

If you want to save time finding the Nether Fortress, you should ride striders across the Nether Seas and have a closer look at the other shores. Players who have already found the Fortress have higher chances of finding it across the Nether Seas.

Step 8: Use Commands 

Lastly, if you have enabled cheats, it would be great to use commands to locate the fortress. Following commands to locate the fortress only work when you are around one. 

  • For Minecraft 1.19+, use /locate structure fortress
  • For Minecraft 1.11 to 1.18, Use /locate fortress
Find Nether Fortress using commands

Finding the Nether Fortress is challenging, especially if you are finding it for the first time. Always look out for the signs of a fortress, such as nether bricks, blazes, skeletons, and more. 

How to Find Nether Fortress Quickly! Minecraft 1.18.2

Top Tips to Find a Nether Fortress in Minecraft 

Here are some tips for finding the Nether Fortress in Minecraft that you can use to make things easier. 

Pick a Direction, and Go 

Pick a Direction, and Go in Nether

I have seen players wandering in every direction to find the Nether Fortress. Pick a direction and go, always move in the direction of the positive X-axis. Once you have explored one direction, you can look for the other one to find the fortress.

Turn Up the Brightness

Turn Up the Brightness in nether

If you prefer playing Minecraft on low brightness, you should ditch this idea. Increase the brightness when finding the fortress because it is usually made of dark red bricks. 

Move into the Center of the Bridge 

Moving into the center of the bridge will give you an unobstructed view of the surrounding areas. From the bride, you can easily see at a great distance, therefore increasing the chances of finding the Nether Fortress.

Note: The fortress should be made using cobblestones or some explosion-resistant materials. 

Keep Striving  

Finding a Nether fortress is not easy, so don’t give up easily. Keep looking for it unless you find one, and follow all the steps explained in this article.


Q: What level do fortresses spawn?

A: There is no spawn limit for Nether Fortress. The fortress can randomly spawn in any biome, so you should keep looking for it around the Minecraft Overworld.

Q: At what height do Nether fortresses spawn?

A: Usually, the Nether Fortress spawns at an altitude between 60 to 70. The players should increase the render distance in order to find the fortress.

Q: How do I find the Nether Fortress in 1.17 in Java?

A: The best way to find the Nether Fortress in 1.17 in Java is through creating a portal. You need a portal to travel to the new world and find the fortress. Here’s a video on how to create a portal for finding the fortress.


That’s everything you need to know if you can’t find Nether Fortress in Minecraft. Don’t lose hope and keep trying because it is the only way you can find the Fortress. Make sure to keep all essential things with you, such as the weapons and fire resistance potions, to protect yourself when entering the fortress.

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