What Does Mending Do In Minecraft? The Detailed Guide

What Does Mending Do In Minecraft

With mending, you can make any sword quite indestructible as the mighty diamond sword in Minecraft. While most people use it, a handful of gamers actually know how to get it easily and how to use it efficiently. So, let’s try to understand what does mending do in Minecraft.

With mending enchantment, you can repair any equipped weapon or tool in Minecraft. This enchantment uses 1 EXP from the experience orb and covert it to 2 durability points on the weapon. You’ll get the rest EXP on the main EXP bar.

However, there are many ways to use it, and there are even more ways to get it in the name. But, before revealing all those secrets about this wonderful enchantment, let’s understand what mending actually is in Minecraft.

What Is Mending In Minecraft?

What Is Mending In Minecraft

Many pro gamers consider mending the most powerful enchantment in Minecraft. This enchantment mainly helps with the experience orb (EXP). And by doing that, it can restore the overall durability of any weapon or chest item. You can mainly execute the mending enchantment on weapons, although you can even apply it on tools and books.

Surprisingly, you can now even execute the mending enchantment on diamonds after the latest update patch. But its most popular use is for weapons. And many people have already asked us what does mending do in Minecraft on a pickaxe. 

However, besides mending, knockback is also a wondrous enchantment that you can perform on any weapon. But, if you don’t know how to do it the right way, follow our detailed guide about the knockback stick command in Minecraft in both the Java and Bedrock editions.

Usage Of Mending In Minecraft

Usage Of Mending In Minecraft

Knowing about the mending enchantment is not everything, as you also need to understand how to use mending in Minecraft. Mending mainly repairs item and restore their durability with experience orbs that you can collect from any source. Mending enchantment will use 1 EXP point to restore 2 durability points on any weapon or tool on your hand or armor slot.

So, every time any experience orb starts to repair any weapon or tool, you’ll witness 1 EXP point deducting from the orb, and 2 durability points are increasing at the same time. If there is any EXP point left after repairing any tool or weapon, that point will be automatically added to the overall EXP points of the player.

You can’t assert any priority or select any particular weapon to repair first if you have multiple experience orbs, as it will randomly select the weapon and starts to repair it. However, mending enchantment will not pick a weapon that is already repaired. 

But remember, you need a single orb to repair a single weapon or tool in Minecraft. If you have collected an experience orb that has 10 EXP, but your tool needs just 4 EXP points (8 durability points) to repair it, you can’t use the rest 6 EXP to repair another tool. Instead, 6 EXP points will be automatically added to your main EXP bar.

What Happens If You Have Multiple Items With Mending Enchantment?

What Happens If You Have Multiple Items With Mending Enchantment

As we have already said, mending enchantment only work with experience orbs. And a single orb is needed to repair a single weapon or tool. But, if you have multiple items in your armor vault or inventory that need to be repaired, you can’t pick a weapon to repair first. Mending enchantment will randomly select an item and starts to repair it.

Many people have also asked what does mending do in Minecraft if all the items have full durability points. In that case, mending enchantment will not waste any EXP to further repair a fully restored item on your inventory. If there is any EXP left after repairing certain items, those EXP points will be automatically credited to your main EXP bar.

Besides weapons and tools, you can also repair your armor with mending enchantment if it has low durability factors. Keeping an armor stand handy will also help you keep your armor in ideal shape. But, if you don’t know how to do it the right way, follow our detailed guide on how to make an armor stand in Minecraft.

How To Get The Mending Enchantment In Minecraft?

How To Get The Mending Enchantment In Minecraft

After knowing how mending enchantment works, it’s time to know how to get mending in Minecraft. Although it is considered the most powerful enchantment in the game, it is extremely difficult to find. And you need to be seriously lucky to get minding enchantment. However, you should look for chests located in temples, dungeons, and villages to get mending enchantment.

You can also sometimes get the mending enchantment while fishing, although it is extremely rare. But yes, the best way to get it is by trading it with the merchants who are willing to sell the minding enchantment. You can also get it by curing a sick villager and then assigning him/her the job of the village librarian. Besides, you can also cure a zombie villager with a golden apple and splash potion to get one.

However, you need to hit the zombie villager with the weakness effect first. And once all the particles flew off, feed him a golden apple. Once the zombie villager is cured and turned into a normal villager, you can assign him a different profession by placing a lectern near his bed. And then, you can change his profession through his trade inventory.

Once you get the mending enchantment, place the item that needs to be repaired in the first box of the anvil. And then, put the mending enchanted book right next to that block. Hit the plus sign, and it will automatically start repairing that item.

Command To Get Mending Enchantment In Minecraft

As you must have already understood, mending enchantment is extremely rare in Minecraft. Even if you get it from any sick or zombie villager, it will take too much effort. But you can also take a shorter route to get one. And the easiest way to get the mending enchantment is through the command line.

There are two ways to get mending enchantment through command lines. First, you can get an enchanted book. And second, you can get an already-enchanted weapon through command. Perform the “/give @p enchanted_book{StoredEnchantments:[{id:mending,lvl:1}]} 1 command if you want to get a mending enchanted book.

And if you want to get a mending enchanted weapon, perform the “/give @p diamond_sword{Enchantments:[{id:mending,lvl:1}]} 1” command. However, you can replace the “Diamond Sword” with any weapon or tool in your inventory. Many people have also asked, can you get mending from fishing or not. You can definitely get one while fishing, although the chance is extremely less.

How to Use Mending Enchanted Book In Minecraft?

It is easy to repair any tool or weapon in Minecraft using the mending enchantment. And the best way to do it is by using the enchanted book. But you need to follow certain steps to do it the right way.

  • Step 1: Place 4 iron ingots and 3 iron blocks on your crafting table to get an anvil.
Making anvil in Minecraft
  • Step 2: Place the newly crafted anvil on a solid block and right-click on it to access it (You can use secondary action keys for consoles).
  • Step 3: Once you get the access bar of the anvil, place the broken item in the left cell and the enchanted book in the middle cell.
  • Step 4: Tap on the “+” button between the cells to start repairing your tool or weapon.
Enchanted Book
  • Step 5: Once your book is consumed, you’ll get the repaired item on the right cell. 

You must remember that you should have at least “Level 1” in your experience bar before using the mending enchantment in Minecraft. Otherwise, you’ll not get the repair button with this enchantment.

How To Get Mending Enchantment Without Books?

Mending Enchantment Without Books

Although using an enchanted book is the easiest option for mending, it is not easy to find one. Alternatively, you can also collect mending enchanted weapons in Minecraft. These weapons are already enchanted and will repair automatically. And there are two main ways to get them.

  • Raid and loot end cities located in the end dimension on your map
  • Kill the mobs that already have mending enchanted items

You can also set up a mob farm on your map to kill several mobs at a single time. And by doing that, you can increase your chance of getting an enchanted weapon from a mob.

Rules For Mending In Minecraft

You must have already understood what does mending do in Minecraft. But you also need to know that there are specific rules and principles applicable to mending enchantment. And there are four main rules that are as follows.

  • Mending enchantment will only work on equipped items (any weapon or tool on the player’s hand or in the armor slot).
  • Each point in the experience orb will restore 2 durability points to any unrepaired item.
  • Mending enchantment will automatically ignore those weapons and tools that already has maximum durability point.
  • If any EXP point is left after repairing, it will be automatically added to the EXP bar of the player.

Tips for Mending in Minecraft

Tips for Mending in Minecraft

You can resort to an experienced grinder to restore and repair your weapons and tools in Minecraft. But with mending enchantment, your number of trips to the grinder will be much shorter, as this enchantment will keep all the weapons and tolls fully durable.

Unbreaking is another enchantment that goes well with the mending enchantment. While unbreaking enchantment will keep all the equipped items from breaking, the mending enchantment will repair them faster. And if you combine these two, you can create any powerful and durable weapon in Minecraft.

The easiest way to get mending enchantment (other than using commands) is by curing a zombie villager and assigning him to a librarian’s profession. However, you should build a containment zone in the village beforehand to trap those zombie villagers. You should also keep the librarians around various enchantment books to maximize your chance.


Is mending in Minecraft worth it?

Mending enchantment is definitely worth it in Minecraft. Many experienced gamers also consider this the most powerful enchantment in the game. It will not only repair the tool or weapon but will also increase the overall durability. However, mending enchantment is difficult to get.

Does mending last forever in Minecraft?

Yes, the mending enchantment will last forever in Minecraft. This enchantment will not automatically go away over time. You need to perform disenchantments on those weapons and tools to end the mending factor. But, if your EXP is constantly increasing, the mending enchantment will not go away.

Does mending mean it will never break?

Technically, mending doesn’t mean the tool or weapon will never break. But in reality, you’ll see weapons are breaking with the mending enchantment pretty rarely. When the durability of an enchanted weapon is dropped for multiple uses, the mending enchantment will automatically repair those.

What is the best thing to put mending on?

From axes to pickaxes, from shovels to hoes, you can put mending enchantment on various tools and weapons in Minecraft. Interestingly, you can now also execute the mending on fishing rods. It is better to execute the mending enchantment on a weapon that you typically use in Minecraft, such as a pickaxe.


Mending is truly a powerful enchantment that can make any tool or weapon extremely durable and almost unbreakable. So, you can use the mending enchantment on powerful weapons, like a diamond sword, to make it a one-of-a-kind item. But mending enchantment or the mending enchanted book is extremely difficult to get. And you shouldn’t entirely rely on it to repair your weapons and tools.

So, there are all that we want you to know if you have doubts about what does mending do in Minecraft. But, if you think we have missed any crucial point, or if you know anything interesting about the mending enchantment, don’t forget to drop your suggestions and feedback in the comment box below.