How To Make A Tripwire Hook In Minecraft? The Tripwire Hook Recipe

Making Tripwire Hook In Minecraft

A tripwire circuit is necessary for Minecraft if you want to make mobs, enemies, and other players stay away from your area. But making a working tripwire circuit is impossible if you don’t know how to make or get a tripwire hook in Minecraft. So now, it’s time for the detailed tripwire hook recipe.

You need an iron ingot, a stick, and a wooden plank block to craft a tripwire hook in Minecraft. All you need is to place these three items in a 3×3 grid in your crafting table to gate a tripwire hook in the fourth block. However, you need to place all the items in the middle row.

However, getting the items necessary to make a tripwire hook can be challenging at times. But, before we reveal all the secrets of making a tripwire hook, let’s understand what it actually is and how you can use it for your benefit in the game.

Materials Needed To Make A Tripwire Hook

Making a tripwire is not just easy in Minecraft, but it also needs very few items to make one. And you just need three things to make a tripwire hook in Minecraft that are as follows.

Materials Needed To Make A Tripwire Hook
  • Iron Ingot: 1 Piece
  • Stick: 1 Piece
  • Wooden Block: Oak Plank / Dark Oak Plank / Spruce Plank / Birch Plank / Acacia Plank / Crimson Plank / Jungle Plank / Warped Plank

You just need a single plank block to craft a tripwire hook in Minecraft. So, you don’t need to collect all the planks we have listed above. Instead, gathering just one block of these wooden planks will serve your purpose.

How To Get The Items Needed To Make A Tripwire?

Although you need just three items to make a tripwire hook in the game, getting those ingredients is not easy. And not just general tripwire, you can also make Minecraft underwater tripwire with those items. So, let’s start with the ways to get those easily.

Iron Ingot: You need iron ore to make an iron ingot. You can easily mine iron core with stone pickaxes. However, you need to know that you can’t pick iron ore with gold or wooden pickaxes. And once you get a single block of iron ore, you need to put it into a furnace to produce an ingot by smelting. However, you need to put the fuel in the bottom block of the furnace and iron ore in the top block. 

How to Make Iron Ingots in Minecraft

Wooden Sticks: Sticks are one of the most common items you can find in Minecraft. And not just tripwire; you’ll need wooden sticks to craft various items in the game. However, there is no way to make a wooden stick other than a wooden log. But yes, you can easily collect wooden sticks from trees, such as oak, dark oak, acacia, or birch.

Wooden Sticks in Minecraft

Wooden Plank: You can only get wooden plank blocks from large trees in Minecraft, such as oak, dark oak, spruce, birch, or acacia. First, you need to locate a large tree in your biome. Second, you need to equip your axe and then left-click on the tree trunk. And thirdly, you need to hold the left mouse button until it yields a wooden block.

Craft Wood Planks in Minecraft

You can then put the wooden log on your crafting table in the 3×3 grid and then place it in the center. A single block will make four wooden planks in your inventory.

How to craft a Tripwire Hook? The Detailed Tripwire Hook Recipe In Minecraft

Once you gather all three items needed to make a hook, it’s now time for the tripwire hook recipe. But don’t worry, as you can easily make a tripwire hook in just four simple steps.

  • Step 1 – Launch Your Crafting Menu: You first need to open your crafting table. However, you need to remember that you should make a 3×3 grid in your crafting table to proceed with further steps.
Open the Crafting Menu (Iron Trapdoor)
  • Step 2 – Add Items To Your Crafting Table: You need to place one iron ingot block, one stick, and one wooden plank on your crafting table for this tripwire hook recipe. From oak to acacia, from birch to spruce, you can use almost any wooden plank that you already have in your inventory.
Making Tripwire Hook in crafting menu

And then, you need to place all three items in the 3×3 grid on your crafting table. But you should place the items in a single row. First, you need to place the iron ingot in the first block. Second, you need to place the stick in the middle box. And finally, you need to place the wooden plank in the third block.

  • Step 3 – Getting The Tripwire Hook: You need to place all these three items in the middle row of a 3×3 grid on your crafting table. So, you must leave the upper and the lower rows empty and place items only in the middle row. And if you place those correctly, a tripwire hook will automatically appear in the fourth block.
Move The Tripwire Hook To Your Inventory
  • Step 4 – Move The Tripwire Hook To Your Inventory: Once you have the tripwire hook on the fourth block, after placing all three items in the first three blocks on your crafting table, you can close the crafting menu in your game. And you can access the tripwire hook right from the inventory itself. 

The strength, power, or level of your tripwire hook will not depend on the wooden plank you use to make it. So, you can use almost any wooden block from your inventory. And you don’t need to collect a new block to craft a tripwire hook in Minecraft.

How To Get Tripwire Hook With Commands?

Tripwire Hook With Commands

A tripwire hook is necessary to craft various items in the game, such as a tripwire circuit or a Minecraft tripwire trapdoor. However, crafting one on your table can take time and effort. Besides, it is also not easy to gather all three items needed to make a tripwire hook, especially if you are a newbie. And the chance of getting a tripwire hook while fishing is also relatively low. However, you can now also summon a tripwire hook through commands in Minecraft.

You need to first launch a game, although you need to acquire at least a level-1 status to use your command lines. And once done, you can launch the chat menu to enter the command. Use the “/give @p tripwire_hook 1” command in the game for the 1.13 or later Java version. And for Windows 10, Education, or console editions (Xbox, PlayStation, or Wii), use the “/give @p tripwire_hook 1 0” command line.

Besides tripwire, you also need a ladder to effectively protect your map from mobs and enemies in Minecraft. A ladder will also give you access to the higher blocks in the game. But, if you don’t know how to make one in the simplest way, follow our detailed guide on how to make a ladder in Minecraft in both the Java and Bedrock editions.

What Is A Tripwire Hook In Minecraft? 

What Is A Tripwire Hook In Minecraft

Before knowing how to use a tripwire hook in Minecraft, you need first to understand what a tripwire hook is. Tripwire is a typical block in Minecraft that is primarily used to make a tripwire circuit. And with that, you can easily detect the presence of an enemy, mob, or even items.

You can easily make a tripwire circuit by placing two blocks at both ends in the designated area. And you need to place a tripwire hook in both these blocks and then connect those with strings to complete the circuit. When any mob or enemy passes through that string, the tripwire circuit will be triggered.

But surprisingly, if any mob touch or passes through the tripwire hook, it will not trigger the circuit. It will only trigger if anyone passes through the string. And when anyone does it, you’ll get a Redstone signal with 15 power level. However, you can easily cut the string or the hook placed by another player to disable the tripwire circuit.

Besides tripwire, a piston is another necessary thing that you’ll need to win any game in Minecraft. And if you don’t know to get one, follow our detailed Minecraft piston recipe to craft it in no time.

Availability Of Tripwire Hook In Minecraft

As of the latest Minecraft update patch in 2022, the tripwire hook and the tripwire circuit are available in the following editions.

Minecraft EditionAvailable PlatformsAvailability Of Tripwire Hook
Java EditionWindows, Mac, and LinuxYes
Bedrock EditioniOS, Android, Fire OS, Xbox One, and Nintendo SwitchYes
PlayStation EditionPS3 and PS4Yes
Education EditionWindows 10 (and above), iOS 12 (and above), and MacYes

Features Of Tripwire Hook In Minecraft

Features Of Tripwire Hook In Minecraft

Besides making an active tripwire circuit to stop trespassing on your map, tripwire can do many things in the game. But there are four distinct features of a tripwire hook that you must know.

  • A tripwire hook will instantly activate all the adjacent mechanisms, including a piston and a Redstone lamp.
  • It will shoot the attachment blocks to power level 15 when you use it for the tripwire circuit.
  • It will shoot all the adjacent Redstone dust blocks to power level 15 if you place the blocks underneath the tripwire hook.
  • A tripwire hook will also regenerate a repeater or comparator up to level 15 when it is attached to a tripwire circuit.

A master-level fletcher can also trade the tripwire hook with emeralds in Minecraft. And if you have one fletcher nearby, there is a 2/3rd chance of getting an emerald while trading eight tripwire hooks from your inventory in the java edition. And in the bedrock edition, a fletcher villager will always trade emeralds for tripwire hooks.


Q. What can you do with the tripwire hook in Minecraft?

You can do various things with a tripwire hook in Minecraft. First, you can make a tripwire circuit with the help of two hooks to detect any mobs, enemies, or even items passing through the circuit. And secondly, you can also make an underwater tripwire with hooks.

Q. How do you attach a tripwire hook to a string?

First, you need to place a tripwire hook in an empty block. Second, you need to select the string on your Hotbar and then place it just one block apart from the tripwire hook. You can then place the other end of the string in any empty block you want to complete the tripwire circuit. Making a working circuit will block all the trespassing in Minecraft.

Q. What is the max length of a tripwire?

If you want to use a single tripwire on your circuit, you can make it 40-block in length. However, you can also tweak it a bit to achieve more length of your circuit. All you need is a repeater or a pole after the 40th block from the start to make the tripwire circuit even bigger in length. And you can easily collect repeaters and poles from drops or can craft one on your crafting table.

Q. Do Fletchers buy tripwire hooks?

Besides crafting one, you can also get tripwire hooks in Minecraft from the chests kept in the pillagers’ outpost. And you can use the tripwire to make a circuit to keep away mobs and enemies. However, after the 1.14 update, you can also trade tripwire. Fletcher villagers will buy the tripwire hook from you and will give you emeralds in return.


If you need a strong fortification in your area, you definitely need a tripwire circuit to give you an instant notification when any mob, enemy, or villagers try to pass through it. And as you may have already understood, you can’t make a circuit without the tripwire hook. So, whenever it is possible, make a tripwire hook and keep it in your inventory.

So, that’s all that we need to say about this tripwire hook recipe in Minecraft. But, if you think we have missed any other method to make one, or if you know about any other way to get a tripwire hook, feel free to drop your suggestion and feedback in the comment box below.