How to Make a Campfire in Minecraft: Things To Know

How to Make a Campfire in Minecraft

There are many purposes you can use a campfire for. Be it for decoration purposes or to illuminate the surroundings, every player must know how to create a campfire in Minecraft.

To make a campfire, you need three wooden sticks, three logs of any wood or wooden blocks, and one charcoal. Placing these items in the grid will help you make a campfire in Minecraft. 

This article is all about creating a campfire and using it. Moreover, you’ll find important information related to supported versions and essential commands. 

Read on to know everything about a campfire in Minecraft, and upgrade your gameplay. 

How to Make a Campfire in Minecraft: A Step-by-step Guide 

How to Make a Campfire in Minecraft

In this section, I have covered every information you should know about creating a campfire and using it. Also, you will find everything about the materials required to make it and how to gather these materials easily.

Supported Platforms to Make a Campfire in Minecraft 

Here is a list of Minecraft platforms where you can make a campfire. Apart from these platforms, you cannot create a campfire. 

Edition PlatformSupported Version 
Bedrock EditionNintendo Switch, Android, iOS, Windows 10 PC, Xbox One, and Fire OS 1.11.0
PlayStation EditionPS 4 and PS 31.91
Java EditionMac, Windows PC, and Linux 1.14
Education EditionWindows 10 PC, iOS 12, and Mac 1.12.0

Note: I will update this table if Minecraft makes any changes to the supported platforms or the versions. Bookmark this webpage, and check this table after every few days to learn more about the supported platforms.

Materials Required to Make a Campfire in Minecraft

You need a list of the following materials to complete the recipe to make a campfire in Minecraft. I’ve explained a bit about all the required materials and how you can obtain them.

Ingredients of Making Campfire
  • 1 Coal 

Coal is a mineral item in Minecraft that you can obtain by harvesting coal ore. Coal can be used for crafting torches, or players can use it as fuel. You can obtain coal from Dungeon chest, Shipwreck, and some villages like Snowy house chest. 

  • 3 Wooden Sticks 

You can make wooden sticks using wooden logs. Every type of tree in Minecraft drops a different kind of log. Players can turn these logs into planks and then the planks into wooden sticks. Two planks help you get four sticks.

  • 3 Wooden Blocks 

Hyphae or wood is a block that has bark texture on all six sides. There are nine types of wooden blocks, and you can use any of them to make a campfire in Minecraft. Either you can craft wood or obtain it by searching for it.

Easy Steps to Make a Campfire on All Supported Platforms

After gathering all the materials, you are all set to make a campfire in Minecraft. Just follow the steps listed below, and you can craft a campfire quickly.

Step 1: Open Your Crafting Menu

Crafting Menu 

First, you need to open the artboard in order to get access to the grids. You need to place the gathered materials into the grid to craft a campfire. A table or artboard looks something like what the below-attached image shows.

Step 2: Place the Materials in the Grids

Now you need to place the materials into the grid, as described here. Place a wooden stick in the “second box” or the first row. Then place one wooden stick in the first and last box of the “second row”

In the center box or the “second row“, place one coal. Add three wooden logs in the three blocks of the “third row”. Your grid table should look something like this:

Making Campfire

Step 3: Move the Campfire to Your Inventory 

As you can see in the image that a campfire is successfully created, you can move it to your Minecraft inventory. 

Move Campfire to Your Inventory

You can place the campfire anywhere in the inventory, along with other items that you have created. Also, you can Craft Lanterns in Minecraft, which can help Hang Lanterns.

Video Guide

Minecraft - How To Make A Campfire

What Does a Campfire Do in Minecraft: Top 7 Uses 

So you have successfully created a campfire in Minecraft, now what? Now you need to learn how to use it and what you can use it for. Below I have listed the top seven uses of a campfire. 

Usages of Campfire
  1. For Cooking 

Players can use a campfire for cooking food items in Minecraft. Food cooked using a campfire may take around 30 seconds, which is higher than a furnace or a smoker. However, using a campfire is much more convenient. Also, it doesn’t require fuel like a furnace.

  1. As a Source of Light 

As I told you in this article, a campfire is a good source of light, thanks to its illumination. You can burn a campfire permanently using steel or water, or flint. The light emitted by a campfire is better than a torch and almost equal to a lantern.

  1. For Building 

If you want to kick your creativity side in the game, you can use a campfire for building purposes. For example, place it on top of a fence or use it to make a crossed roof. Make sure to extinguish the campfire so that it does not harm the property.

  1. To Create Traps 

What I love using campfires for is to create traps. You can damage any mob or player standing on top of a campfire. Furthermore, you can double the damage done by the campfire by swapping it for the Soul Campfire. However, Zombified Piglins, Shulkers, and Guardians won’t take any damage from the campfire.

  1. To Emit Smoke Signals

Besides creating heat for cooking food, a campfire also emits smoke particles in the air to create a trail of smoke. You can use a Hay Bale to extend the height of the smoke column in order to make it more visible.

  1. To Keep Piglins at Bay 

You can scare piglins by Soul Campfires, and they won’t attack other players. You can also use the campfires to keep the mob away.

  1. For Harvesting Bee and Honey 

Players can harvest bees in Minecraft by placing a campfire under the BeeHive or Bee Nest. It’s an amazing way to harvest honeycombs or honey without getting stung by the bees.

Minecraft Campfire Commands Every Player Needs to Know

You can also create campfires using the following commands. The campfire commands are available for the following versions, and I have listed the exact command for every version.

Pocket Edition/give @p campfire 1 0
Nintendo Switch/give @p campfire 1 0
Education Edition/give @p campfire 1 0
Java Edition/give @p campfire 1
Xbox One/give @p campfire 1 0
Windows 10 Edition/give @p campfire 1 0


Q: How do you make a good campfire in Minecraft?

A: You can easily make a good campfire in Minecraft by placing one coal, three wood logs, and three wood sticks on the grid table. Also, read this article to know more about creating a campfire in Minecraft.

Q: Can campfires burn your house in Minecraft?

A: No, a campfire cannot burn your house, but it can cause damage, so it’s better to extinguish the campfire. 

Q: How do you cook food in Minecraft?

A: You can use a campfire to cook food in Minecraft. Here is a detailed video on how to cook food in Minecraft. 

Q: How do you make smoke in Minecraft?

A: You need a campfire to make a smoke in Minecraft. Place a Hay Bale on the top of the campfire to extend the smoke and make it visible. 

Final Thoughts 

It is important to create a campfire in Minecraft because you’ll need it for plenty of tasks. Now that you know the exact recipe, you can quickly make a campfire when required. Also, I have listed the multiple uses and come essential commands you’ll need to make a campfire.

Stay tuned with us for more information and recipes on Minecraft!

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